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  1. According to the time it should be resolved, looks like you may not be on air today.
    Correction- The time zones are different, therefor you may just be broadcasting today.

    Also, are you guys the one that reported the outage?

    1. Actually the service comes out of Lebanon, Oregon and it is affecting a lot of people, including the stores here.
      I have contacted Oregon Representative Greg Walden in Washington DC who chairs the oversight committee for the FCC. His underling says he will deliver a message to Mr. Walden today stating that I demand not only a copy of CenturyLink’s license to operate and the conditions attached, but I also want to know why as these licenses are public information they are being treated like national security documents. In fact I want copies of the licenses and conditions for Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. If I do not get an answer, the next time I present the question it will be in the form of a mandamus to the office and to the office holder in his individual capacity.
      They have turned this internet over to the f-king Chinese and told them they can do anything they want so long as they gain control over the internet and the content. It is time everybody started demanding copies of the licensing and demanding of the elected official responsible for these non-elected agent bodies and letting them know we have had enough of the corporate fraud.
      Anyway, working the problem. CenturyLink is now saying the service will be back up at 12:05 (that is Pacific Time). I will be planning to be on the air, if I am not we will put up a notice. Keep in mind, Friday when this happened, we were told the service would not return until 3:00 pm, however at 12:50, which would have been 50 minutes into the broadcast, magically it came back on.
      What has me pissed off and what I will not stand for, when I have asked why the outages are occurring, I am told, “We don’t know”, which means either they are incompetent and do not know how their own service works, or they truly do not know and some f-king chink in Beijing is flipping the switch on and off. Either is unacceptable.
      I wish to file a complaint against their license and I do not wish to serve it to a contractor. I wish to serve it to Greg Walden, who supposedly is the elected official representing me in this matter. In fact, because I am an individual freeman sovereign national, fraudulent corporation or not, by the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, Mr Walden is obliged to treat with me as his employer with due diligence in straightening out these punk f-king assholes, he has signed his fiduciary into contract with to my satisfaction and immediately.
      We will try for the broadcast, we will see what happens.

  2. O.M.G. This is one “what-in-the-blue-blazes?” moments…make that yellow blazes. Or something. Stay not-too-damned-pissed-off, Henry! (when we have outages here–in stormy weather, a lot–my husband has been known to go ballistic if he has work to submit…stay rational Henry)

  3. [ADD]

    At Century link…

    We take pride in the high level of customer service that sets us apart.

    Providing service that is consistent to deliver your business needs…

    Providing viable practical demonstrated solutions.

    [New Slogan]


    Why get fked by Sprint and Verizon. ?

    Now back to our regular programming.

  4. The podunk internet rainierconnect is forever going kaput. They say it is the antiquated phone lines. With the new Fiber Optic Cable, we will enjoy lightning fast speeds. Yea, but it will still go out all the time? Uh. we’ll see when it is going.
    For added “benefit”, it will be WiFi connection. The fiber optic cable is only to the house, from there you buy a wireless modem and that connects with the computer.
    I don’t want MORE WiFi signals ringing the crap out of my ears!! Eff ’em, I will not have internet or land line once they phase out the phone lines. I asked the questions, because the fiber is to my house. That’s as far as it gets.
    God Damn them bastards!

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