What is the economic value of a human life?: Bram Van den Bergh at TEDxRSM

Published on Dec 12, 2013 by TEDxTalks

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One thought on “What is the economic value of a human life?: Bram Van den Bergh at TEDxRSM

  1. Sci-fi writers saw it coming and in China they’ve already done it, but body-pharming could mean many people end up worth more dead than they ever were alive. As society moves far to the right Nazi capitalists might lobby Nazi politicians to “detain” certain groups so they can auction their organs to the wealthy. Of course to fetch the best prices the stock will be examined live.

    Vain people will examine noses and ears, imagining the shapes the cartilage will give new lips and cheeks; old people will shop for corneas and new teeth, old rockers for new livers and bald men for scalps of full hair, while athletes look for a flexible new knee with strong tendons. The ‘donors’ who reach their reserve price are dispatched with CO2 and the operations begin, after which the corpses look like the remains of game after the vultures have feasted.

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