11 thoughts on “When There Is Nothing Left To Lose

  1. Wow! 3 machine guns on top.
    A main battle tank is a little overkill for terrorizing a bunch of starving peasants.
    Which gun will they use on the child?
    Israel will not take any chances and use the biggest they have.

    1. “Which gun will they use on the child?”

      Cluster bomb.

      Can’t take ANY chances with those ‘evil’ Palestinians, you know.

  2. if the foto was real, the kid would be in bits.

    as it is, the tank casts a shadow – the kid doesnt!

  3. We’re being herded in the same direction as that poor child.

    This video below shows what every one of us needs to become in order to stop it. Articulate, forceful, knowledgeable of our rights and fearless. DHS is filled with cowards and bullies.They will back down just like they do here. This is how all DHS thugs should be spoken to and handled by everyone.

    No MSM reporter or journalist would ever dream of doing what’s in this video. And that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what a bunch of the two-faced cowardly back-stabbing traitorous propagandizing globalist sellout scum are in the MSM.

    Definitely worth sharing as a post. The video title isn’t any good. It needs a new positive one. Maybe a face off. How about :

    4 DHS Agents vs. 1 Former Marine
    Terrorists vs. 1rst Amendment

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