Why I Cannot Support This Motion on Palestine

Information Clearing House – by George Galloway

October 14, 2014 “ICH” – October 11, 2014 – I have been urged by a number of my constituents to support a motion being debated and voted on in parliament on Monday “that this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel”.

As many probably know the Palestinian cause has been central to my political activity for the last 40 years. I appreciate the good intentions many have in urging me to support this motion.   

However, unfortunately I cannot support this motion as it accepts recognition of the state of Israel, does not define borders of either state or address the central question of the right of return of the millions of Palestinians who have been forced to live outside Palestine.

Israel was a state born in 1948 out of the blood of the Palestinians who were hounded from their land. Since then it has grabbed ever more land from the Palestinian people. In the last five years it has twice launched murderous assaults on the Palestinian people of Gaza, some 1.8 million people crammed into what is in effect a prison camp. In the wake of the most recent war on Gaza, Israel has announced its biggest land grab in the Occupied West Bank so far. Israel has defied UN resolution after UN resolution with impunity because of the continued backing of Western countries and, above all, the US.

I continue to support the only realistic solution, one democratic and secular state, called Israel-Palestine or Palestine-Israel. The proposed two-state solution is to all intents and purposes dead and is only used in order to provide Israel further breathing space to consolidate the illegal settlements and expand its land grab further.

For these reasons, I am afraid I cannot support this motion and will abstain on Monday.

George Galloway, MP for Bradford West


4 thoughts on “Why I Cannot Support This Motion on Palestine

  1. Recognize Palestine? Why not recognize what the Zionists stole from them since ’48?

    I’d be in favor of expelling the Jews completely from Palestine if I wasn’t afraid that they’d end up here.

    1. Most Israelis have duel citizenship’s, in which North America (USA/Canada) is their second home or, retreat from the Middle East.

  2. How did Is- ra- el ever come out of WW2.? With the BAlfour Agreement, yes. But the theater of the war was predominantly Europe , Why not section a part of Germany , or the CZech, or Madagascar for jewish sakes.All I know is its been One Big Pain in the Worlds Ass ever since. Maybe thats what the Bankers wanted. Its the Hegelian Principal Implemented. It needs to be short circuited. We need to start digging as to why the Brits thought it so necessary as to create The Is- ra- el state and Cow toed America along for muscle(Goyim labor?] Now there’s a story

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