Woman Arrested For Small Amount Of Marijuana Dies In Jail After Guards Deny Her Prescription Medicine

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

A woman died in jail, from lack of medical care. The guards refused to giver her medication she needed. She was in jail for a small amount of marijuana. She was left to die, unattended, by sadistic, jail guards. This is a continual problem in the prison/jail system. When will enough be enough? Even if these people are in jail. they still have rights! I would also point out, she was a non-violent offender and shouldn’t have been there anyway.

Two sisters returning to Kansas from a trip to Colorado were pulled over on Monday for speeding. After being stopped, the Kansas police officer found a small amount of marijuana in the car. As will surely happen to many people in the near future, the sisters purchased marijuana legally in Colorado but made the mistake of bringing it across state lines.  

The officer arrested the sisters, named Brenda Sewell and Joy Biggs, and put them in jail. While in jail, Sewell was unable to take her medications. She had the pills in a daily pill container rather than in their original prescription bottles. County officials say they were unable to determine what each pill was, and, because of this, could not allow Sewell to take her medications. She’d been taking medicine for hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, and thyroid problems for over a decade. On Wednesday, after being off her medications for two days, Sewell fell ill in her jail cell. She was reportedly foaming at the mouth before passing out. Biggs and another inmate alerted authorities of the emergency while trying to revive her. According to Biggs, jail authorities responded slowly to the emergency. Sewell was eventually transported to the hospital where she was soon pronounced dead. Her distraught family now wants to know why authorities took so long to respond to an obvious health emergency in their jail.

How can these sort of crimes go unpunished and unaddressed? Is this about the marijuana or something far more sinister?



9 thoughts on “Woman Arrested For Small Amount Of Marijuana Dies In Jail After Guards Deny Her Prescription Medicine

  1. Every Pill has a mark on it and you can look it up for free on the Web. The ignorance of law enforcement officers never ceases to amaze me!

  2. What constitutes a high anxiety emergency for the average person like a severe medical seizure or a major injury doesn’t even raise the blood pressure of thug cops and prison guards who seem to relish in the discomfort of others.

  3. hope the family sues the crap out of all involved plus neglect or manslaughter charges. Death for a small amount of pot. Law enforcement should be very proud this day….

  4. This is a disturbing story! And it certainly isn’t surprising.
    The other day I went on one of my infrequent visits to the nearest town. Two Arizona highway patrol were in the same restaurant as I was eating their lunch.
    They were talking about medical marijuana patients, and the new policy of once they identify a mmj patient during a traffic stop, they arrest them for driving while under the influence. They know that in all likely hood, they will test positive for marijuana, thus making the huge fine and associated impaired driving protocol stick successfully in court. Whether or not they are actually impaired is not important to the cops.

    1. the tactic is to lock you up after kidnapping to scare you into submitting and consenting taking any plea they throw at you hold you past the 48 hours which is only for serious crimes civil infractions or codes rulez broken you can not be arrested for
      worst they can do is send you a letter and try trick you into assuming there codes rulez apply to you THEY CAN NOT KIDNAP YOU oops they call it arrest now if in a queer crown uni form even if it was a serious crime and no one comes forth swears out a complaint they have to release you that’s why they put that line in there if you cant afford an attorner and they put it come back and see me after two days when they are holding you against your will to start with
      has nothing to do with getting one of there partners in crime its if you don’t consent by then we must let you go then you sue them tort them
      they can not “PULL YOU OVER” “STOP YOU FOR A ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP” you are not a u.s.in. federal employee the costumed monkeys sorry monkeys can only policy enforce “police” within there own corporation the morons in uni form need to have in hand a signed wet ink sworn complaint backing a signed wet ink warrant describing exactly where you are what in etc etc they don’t even have warrants only letters of marque signed by a crown agent to seize putting a word on paper don’t make it what the word says past time to stop this privateering
      and send it back where it came from in pieces pirates steal privateers steal with paper from the crown letters of marque

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