Yanukovich pledges return to Ukraine as soon as it becomes possible

Viktor YanukovichTASS

MOSCOW, February 21. /TASS/. Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich has promised to return to Ukraine as soon as it becomes possible to make the life of the Ukrainian people easierr.

“I regret that I could not do anything,” the former president told Russian television Channel One, recalling the tragic events one year ago.  

“If we speak about the present day, I will return as soon as it becomes possible and will do all to make the life for the Ukrainian people easier,” he said, adding that “the main task at the moment is to stop warfare”.

He said “no regime is worth the losses Ukraine has suffered after the events of February 21-22, 2014”. “The country is destroyed, we see territorial losses, casualties, the destruction of whole regions,” the former president said.

“Lawlessness towards people, reigning in Ukraine nowadays is the result this regime has got after those events,” he added.

Yanukovich said he did not want to be an outsider in Ukraine’s events. “But I had no possibility to return, and I won’t conceal that I was sending people to Ukraine to monitor the situation. We keep monitoring it,” he added.

He said he had kept thinking about “getting back and leading the protest movement, and then assist in some way in protecting the people who had got into this situation”.

“But everybody was coming to the opinion that our opponents, our enemies, they will do all to destroy me, and all my allies were categorically against my going to Ukraine,” he said.


One thought on “Yanukovich pledges return to Ukraine as soon as it becomes possible

  1. I’m sure the Ukrainians are just waiting with baited breath for his return…not. They don’t need to return to the corruption they had prior to hostilities. Like US Ukraine needs a clean sweep of its political establishment.

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