Zimbabwe: Judge orders unemployed men to stop having sex as they cannot pay child support

YJ News – by Sanvi Rizvi 

A man was jailed after failing to pay his child support.

During sentencing, Judge Abednico Ndebele said that being unemployed is not an excuse for not taking care of children.

Unemployed men were surprised when Ndebele said that they should stop having sex, as it could lead to pregnancy and not paying child support.  

“If you are unemployed, you should not have sex and stay away from women since you can no longer afford to care for children,” Ndebele said.

Zivanai Chitima of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was held in contempt of court after he stopped paying $55 a month in child support to his former wife.

Chitima reportedly owes his estranged wife $375 in back child support.

He was ordered to pay or face jail time. The man had argued that he could not afford to pay $55 each month to his wife Ndanetsei Nyandoro because he does not have a job.

The judge sentenced Chitima to 3 months in jail after which he will have to find a way to pay his child support.


4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Judge orders unemployed men to stop having sex as they cannot pay child support

  1. Yup, that’ll work. “No sex for you”. Now they will think about it even more! And we’re so good at controlling our sex drive.

  2. In the USA we get to throw them in jail for not paying child support, and that makes money, so don’t expect to hear that from a US judge.

    But Millard’s right (above). It’s kind of silly for a judge to think he’s going to stop anyone from having sex via court order.

    1. Male chastity belt, with just a large enough hole to pee through, and with the judge in possession of the key until the extortion money is paid, JR?

      It would definitely add new meaning to the phrase “keeping it in your pants’.

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