Zionist Controlled HostGator Attacks From the Trenches World Report

Friday morning From the Trenches World Report was shut down by the server, HostGator.  We immediately contacted the server to inquire as to what the problem was.  We were told that we were using too much bandwidth.

When Google removed From the Trenches World Report from Google News last July as a part of an effort to take the site from the web, we were at that time averaging about 3,000 hits a day and had seen days of over 10,000.  There was never an issue with bandwidth; and in fact the bandwidth we were consuming on Friday was far less.

You see after Google attacked us our numbers were driven down to as little as two to five hundred hits per day.  Through much work and a refusal to quit, by last Friday we had built our numbers back up to the level they were before the Google attack.

Representatives of HostGator said that the reason the problem had come up was that we had applied the service, Hostgator’s Attracta, and that we were getting robotic link builders that were sucking up the bandwidth.  We explained to the representatives that this was a service that HostGator had recommended.  We told them to remove it and put the site back up.  Within twenty minutes the site was back up.

Saturday morning the site was down again.  When we contacted HostGator they told us that this HostGator’s Attracta was the problem again.  We went in ourselves and cancelled the service. We told them to put the site back up, and they did.  And then after submitting our sitemap to the search engines, the site went down again.

The action and cause then became apparent.  HostGator then told us if we would upgrade and pay them $170 per month, which we did not have, the site could go back up.  Mind you we still were not using as much bandwidth as we had in the past.  We then informed HostGator that we understood that this was a political attack upon our site through extortion, as the whole thing was illogical in any other content.

I have a message for HostGator owner, Brent Oxley of Houston Texas.  I know that you seized my private property without any due process of the law and put up a message that read “Forbidden” for those trying to reach From the Trenches World Report.  I also know that somewhere in the fine print of our contract you have a private policy that says you can take this arbitrary action.  But most importantly I know that as a federally licensed vender you cannot create private policy that violates my constitutional rights and enforce it as public law.

I of course will be issuing the standard complaints to my state’s Attorney General and the FCC and absolutely I know that you are exempt from the laws of the United States as a shadow operative for the socialist insurgency.  But mark my words, we the American people of the American race will not be dissuaded by parasites like you.

We are going to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and every elitist Masonic pimp and whore is going to be brought to justice under our law.  And that includes you, Brent Oxley.  You will be arrested, prosecuted for constructive treason, and if found guilty, stripped of your wealth and put on a deportation barge.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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