Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States

Blacklisted News – by Lee Rogers

It is time to call out the scumbags who historically have been mostly responsible for promoting gun control legislation in what have been obvious attempts to destroy the Second Amendment. At the forefront of these activities we find that most of these people are Zionist Jews. Even though this is a proven fact, there will undoubtedly be a number of pro-Zionist Hasbara Internet trolls who will cry racism, anti-Semitism and other rubbish to distract people from the obvious. Considering that Jews represent only a small percentage of the American population, why is it that many of the most vocal supporters of gun control just so happen to be Zionist Jews? This is a serious question that needs to be asked as it shows that a small minority of people are attempting to make it increasingly more difficult for the average law abiding American citizen to defend themselves.  

Obviously the whole notion of gun control is incredibly stupid. Criminals are simply not going to abide by any gun control laws that gun control supporters claim will help prevent crime. Background checks, concealed carry licensing and other assorted legislative garbage only prevents honest people from being able to defend themselves and their family with a firearm. Not only that but any gun control legislation is unconstitutional and thus unlawful if one takes a few seconds to read the Second Amendment. Apparently gun control advocates fail to understand what the words “shall not be infringed” means so by promoting gun control they are in fact promoting government sanctioned criminal activity.

Let’s now take a look at historical examples of how Zionist Jews have been at the forefront of pushing gun control on the American people.

The 1968 Gun Control Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by a Zionist Jew named Emanuel Celler. Eventually signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, the law prohibits the direct mail-ordering of firearms and imposes broad regulations on firearm transfers. The law which is obviously unconstitutional on numerous fronts gained passage following several high profile assassinations the most notable being the killing of JFK. It is widely agreed upon by JFK assassination researchers that Johnson was at least partially involved in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK which makes his signing of this legislation all the more interesting. Even establishment Republican operative Roger Stone has recently claimed that Johnson arranged the assassination of JFK. It is also well documented that Johnson throughout his political career was staunchly pro-Israel and a Zionist, especially considering his involvement in helping cover up the Israeli military attacks against the American Navy warship the USS Liberty. None the less, here we see one of the most wide sweeping gun control laws on the books today that was introduced by a Zionist Jew and signed into law by a huge supporter of Israel and the Zionist cause.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s Senator Howard Metzenbaum another Zionist Jew would support or sponsor a myriad of gun control bills. Most notable was hissupport of the Brady Bill which he introduced that instituted federal background checks on firearm purchases. Interestingly enough the bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by then Congressmen Chuck Schumer another Zionist Jew who still today is a huge supporter of gun control efforts through his activities in the U.S. Senate. Click here to see a 1993 speech from Schumer on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives advocating his support of the Brady Bill.

Zionist Jews like Senator Chuck Schumer have supported the gun control agenda for years

In the early 1990s, Senator Herbert Kohl another Zionist Jew would support the Gun Free Schools Act which made it unlawful to have a firearm in schools. The bill was passed as part of the Crime Control Act of 1990 but was later overturned by the Supreme Court for being unconstitutional.

In 1995, an amended version of the Gun Free Schools Act would be pushed ahead by a quartet of Zionist Jews. Senator Dianne FeinsteinSenator Arlen Specter, Senator Herbert Kohl and Senator Frank Lautenberg all supported the bill.

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 included a provision banning the manufacturer and possession of semi-automatic weapons. This provision was authored by Senator Dianne Feinstein in the U.S. Senate and then Congressmen Chuck Schumer in the U.S. House of Representatives. As stated before, both Feinstein and Schumer are Zionist Jews.

The Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban which was an amendment included in a larger 1996 appropriations bill was authored by Senator Frank Lautenberg. The provision banned anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence of owning a firearm.

In 1999 we would see a myriad of gun control bills introduced by Zionist Jews. Here are just a few examples of the gun control bills introduced that year.

Senator Barbara Boxer also known as Barbara Levy another Zionist Jew would introduce the American Handgun Standards Act. The bill sought to apply more stringent standards to domestically manufactured firearms.

That same year we would see Senator Kohl introduce the Child Safety Lock Act of 1999requiring a child safety lock with each handgun transfer. Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer would co-sponsor the legislation.

Senator Lautenberg would introduce several gun control bills including the Stop Gun Trafficking Act of 1999, the Gun Industry Accountability Act of 1999 and the Gun Show Accountability Act of 1999.

Senator Feinstein would introduce the Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine Import Ban Act of 1999. The bill proposed to ban the importation of large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

Throughout the 2000s and up until today we have seen many of these same Zionist Jews at the forefront of promoting gun control. Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, Senator Schumer and Senator Lautenberg have been leading these efforts in the Senate to restrict the Second Amendment and have introduced or co-sponsored numerous gun control bills over this period of time. There are countless examples of this according to their legislative records in the U.S. Senate.

It is also worth noting that now retired Senator Joe Lieberman another Zionist Jew would voice support for many of the different gun control proposals his Jewish colleagues have introduced. Specifically, he recently voiced support for restoring the so-called federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004.

In 2013 the vast majority of gun control bills that have been introduced in the U.S. Senate have been sponsored or co-sponsored by Zionist Jews. These bills have been shamefully advanced on the heels of various so-called mass shooting incidents. Most notably, we have seen Senator Feinstein parade around her now defeated proposal to ban what she calls assault weapons. Feinstein’s proposal is just one of many gun control proposals currently being advanced by Zionist Jews.

On top of this we see people like Michael Bloomberg the Zionist Jew mayor of New York City making all sorts of statements demanding more gun control. Bloomberg has even dedicated a portion of his personal fortune to go after lawmakers who have opposed gun control measures. Rahm Israel Emanuel another Zionist Jew and Mayor of Chicago governs a city with some of the most restrictive gun control regulations anywhere in the United States yet it has one of the highest murder rates. Emanuel like Bloomberg has also called for increased gun control measures and for a nationwide ban on so-called assault weapons.

It is interesting to see how both Bloomberg and Emanuel have armed security details yet they want to make it more difficult for the average person to own a tool that they can use to defend themselves. The hypocrisy is unbelievable from these weasels. If they really believed gun control was the answer to reduce crime than one would think they would order their security details to do their jobs without guns. Apparently they want to be protected by guns but want to take away your right to protect yourself with a gun.

In recent months we have also seen the Zionist Jew Alan Dershowitz on cable news calling for more gun control. Dershowitz is a lawyer who has profited off of defending people like OJ Simpson and an actor from the 1970s porn movie Deep Throat. Most notably Dershowitz would make all sorts of ridiculous statements on Piers Morgan’s CNN television show including a claim that he has seen no historical examples where private gun ownership protects liberty. Apparently he chooses to ignore several instances throughout the 20th century where tyrants have committed acts of genocide against unarmed people. Perhaps he ignores this because in cases like the Armenian genocide and with the murderous activities of Josef Stalin there is a great deal of evidence suggesting that Zionist Jews were heavily involved in these terrible acts.

The JTA has even reported that a total of twenty-three national Jewish organizations have signed on to a letter urging the U.S. Senate to pass gun control legislation. The Times of Israel has also authored a series of articles on how Jews have been leading the charge for increased gun control measures in the United States. Here’s one of them entitled Jewish politicans lead chorus calling for tighter gun laws.

At this point there should be no doubt that Zionist Jews are the ones pushing ahead the gun control agenda in the United States. It is true that there are other non-Jewish individuals and groups who also support gun control but it is painfully clear based upon historical precedent that Zionist Jews and assorted Jewish groups are and have been the most active supporters of gun control. This is just the way things are based upon provable documented evidence.

Mentally ill individuals and Zionist propagandists can cry racism, anti-Semitism and if all else fails invoke the alleged events of the Jewish holocaust to refute this information all they want. No matter how much these people whine or cry, it does not change the facts of this situation. Zionist Jews are actively seeking to disarm the American people and that is just the way it is. It is time that the American people recognize this and fight back against this blatant decade’s long assault on individual freedom.


39 thoughts on “Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States

  1. One thing is for sure. I will not support any gun grabbers at the polls come election time. They care nothing about about the Constitution nor the Bill of rights. Hopefully, others will follow suit.

    1. sheeple, VOTING has been rigged for years, it doesn’t work. How do yo think these scum bags keep getting elected?

    2. @ John, hopefully you got the picture by now.

      There is NO “election time” in this hijacked communist country. Nor has there been for likely 150 years, for real.

      The zion666ist infection in this country, and throughout the world, WILL be “surgically” removed, with the same firearms these scum hope to actually remove form the hands of 30,000,000 ++ Patriots. Of course, such a communist wet dream of confiscation – will NEVER happen.

      The ONLY way the People will restore the Republic and remove the usurpers is with NOT with a: ballot, but with a:


      Coming soon to a town near you.

      Hope the traitors and usurpers had as much fun as the People will – very soon…

      (I am posting again to improve my math skills.)

  2. “Anti-semite.”
    “Hate Speech.”
    “Holocaust Denier.”
    “Conspiracy Theorist.”
    “White Supremacist.”
    “Hate Mongerer.”
    “Dangerous Conservative Christian.”
    “Potential Domestic Terrorist.”
    “Paranoid Whack Job.”
    “Self-Hating Jew.” (if Jewish)

    Your Facebook account will be hacked. Phone lines will be tapped. Email and texts will be monitored. Your friends and family will be “notified” of who you really are. Let there be no mistake. The United States is under attack by powerful enemies within. Our Founding Fathers warned us about this and how important and fragile our Constitutional rights are.

    1. Are you denying the fact that most of the gun control bills introduced into congress were introduced by Jewish people?

  3. The Zionists are the same as Communists.

    But it’s not new. Centuries ago, in the Roman xtian empire, they had the beginning of the experiment: The Latifundias. Farms the xtian church, had slaves and even bred them, and sold them.

    Same as the serfs in the Middle Ages. This was when different branches of monks and nuns, owned land and kept the serfs to work.

    The catholic church also had these in the Americas, from Paraguay (Repartimientos ) to the American Southwest (Misiones). The soldiers would round up local Indian tribes, convert them, forcing them on the land, to work for the church. The Indians were kept there forceably, and any that ran away, was hunted down with dogs and brought back, and whipped severely. They had to go to church on Sundays (called by the church bells).

    There were so many that died (about 50% rate) that the monks would sent out the soldiers to bring in more tribes, further and further away.

    So, Communism isn’t new, just the word.

  4. “One thing is for sure. I will not support any gun grabbers at the polls come election time.”

    Do you think the 2% that represent the 1%, will allow you to vote them out of office. They count the votes and they announce the winners. Your vote does not count and hasn’t for 50 years.

    1. No truer words were ever written.

      Many don’t know if they would have voted for Ron Paul or not, but overwhelming evidence said the Main Stream Media did everything to deny him success. Why? I’ve reached only one conclusion. He would grant Israel no special status.

    2. That still won’t deter me from voting against them. By the time elections come up , you don’t know how people’ minds would have changed.

      1. I thought you were going to get him.
        Or maybe he is just not worth our time.
        There are a lot of stupid people popping up saying, “We’ll vote ’em out”, which is the same as saying, “I am beyond stupid and deserve everything I get”.

        1. I thought about it, Henry. But you know how I hate Mondays, and being that I took the day off, I’m in a really good mood right now, and wanted to keep it that way. LOL 🙂

      2. John W. I’ll put this as succinctly as I possibly can. We’ll just call it voting 101, O.K.?

        There is NO real difference between the RepubliCONS and the DemoRATS. It’s an illusion known as the false left-right paradigm, designed to deceive the clueless sheeple. You are ONLY given TWO choices, and BOTH choices are controlled by the SAME people (Zionist so-called ‘jews’), even though they portray the APPEARANCE of having different agendas. This constitutes a total fraud, so participation is reserved for idiots, NOT those of us who understand the truth, capiche?

        Any questions?

  5. Diane Feinstein holds that gun like she knows how to use it. I wonder how many she has that she’s not giving up?

    . . .

  6. Great article.
    The Zionist Jews in our government are TERRORIST’S. They are slowly killing the United States. They care nothing for this Country, but they sure give a shit about Israel. Thats why Israel gets around 8 million dollars a day from our tax money. We are supporting the slaughter of the Palistinian people.
    It is sickening to see what those Zion scum bags are doing to the US.
    We really need to clean house in the upper government.
    Obama is Israel’s bitch.

  7. Through ritual they nullify their sworn oath.

    The prayer of “KOL NIDRE” is found in Vol. 8, page 539 of the Jewish Encyclopedia. It states:

    “All vows, obligations, oaths, anthems, whether called Konan, konas, or by any other name, by which we may be bound, from this day of atonement unto the next… we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled and void, and made of no effect. They shall not bind us nor have any power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths be oaths.”

    This same prayer may also be found almost word for word in the volume of “REVISED FESTIVAL PRAYERS,” published in 1919 by the Hebrew Publishing Company, New York.

    The Mason’s have a similar absurd dishonor for oaths. Page 183 of the Masonic Handbook states: Whenever you see any of our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the grand hailing sign of distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at the risk of your life. If you’re on a jury, and the defendant is a Mason and makes the grand hailing sign, you must obey it; you must disagree with your brother jurors, if necessary, but you must be sure not to bring the Mason guilty, for that would bring disgrace upon our order. You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons except murder and treason, and these at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason, be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate, don’t tell the truth in this case, keep his secrets, forget the important points. It may be perjury to do this true, but you are keeping your obligations.”

  8. Once again even more Zionists calling for gun control.

    From occupied New Jersey:

    Loretta Weinberg “jewish”
    Linda R. Greenstein “jewish”
    Sandra B. Cunningham – traitorous Goyim

    Senators Caught on Tape: “Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate”


    This is absolute treason. We the people hold the real power. We’ve tried to be reasonable for 50 odd years. It’s time we use our power before all is lost.


  9. You’re calling me stupid for trying to vote them out. I can tell you that if We don’t vote, the person we don’t want may more than likely get in. What are your suggestions in place of not voting?.

    1. How about grow some balls and fight them instead of pretending there is any other option?
      The vote is corrupted and you well know it. So, as previously stated, any participation is affirming a fraud, or am I missing something here?

      1. When the time comes to fight them, I’ll be on the battlefield. There’s no organized leadership to take the fight onto the field. For now, we have to hope congress or the senate will start proceedings on impeachment over Benghazi some other avenue.

        1. You seem like a decent enough feller, but it would also seem that that red pill is hung in your throat. Swallow the son of a bitch and face the reality that they are all corrupt, they are all treasonous, and they are not going to do anything to upset the status quo that keeps them as rulers over the we the ruled. This insurgent government, et.al., from the meter maid to the president, is 110% corrupt, as you cannot operate in the government without perpetrating infringements on the people’s rights.

          1. And since there is no organized leadership with a clear thought out plan, we’ll just have to wait until chaos is in the streets before something is done. What will that chaos be?. The collapse of the economy that will bring it to a halt, martial law, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

        2. If there was any “organized leadership” they would be taken out. We American nationals have our rights as individuals and will respond like minutemen when the time comes. It’s close brother, be ready.

    2. John W., do you really believe the game is not rigged, that your vote really counts? I do long for the days before I was awakened to the truth of the matter.

      1. If the vote didn’t count, how come Obama got re-elected?. Now you can argue that it was rigged in Obama’ favor, but it could have been rigged in Romney’ favor too. When they tallied the votes, It was Obama by a landslide.

        1. This is too f#@king stupid to believe.
          Was Ron Paul removed from the process through corruption and duplicity, or not? Have the Diebold machines been proven fraudulent? Were there not districts where Obama received100% of the vote, an absolute impossibility?
          How f#@king dumb are you, or better yet, how f#@king dumb do you think we are?

          1. There’s rigging going on somewhere, but how do we prove it?. Ask for a recount?. We got that with Al Gore and look what happened there. You keep calling me stupid, but I haven’t heard anything concrete as what you may suggest in place of it.

          2. Brick wall, Henry.

            No sense arguing.

            I’m definitely throwing in the towel on this one. 🙂

          3. John W.,
            I’m not suggesting anything to replace it. I’m saying it no longer exists, thus it can no longer be considered an option.

        2. You don’t get it and I don’t know if there’s anything else I can say to help you. Sorry John W. but if you are that convinced that everything is “above board” then I give up.

          1. I didn’t say everything is above board. I know they aren’t. But I’m not the one who can organize a take over.

          2. John W.,
            Yeah you are the one who can fix it by refusing to participate and then refusing to recognize or abide by the infringements perpetrated via the fraud. Then let them try to enforce it.

          1. Yep #1. good one. I was going to join in on this one with you, Henry, and Millard but I am not much into politics – as you all know, I am sure – and I would have just made a ass out of myself again. 🙂 Yep I even have know for many many years that voting is just a waste of time and realy doesn`t count for anything useful. I would have hoped that that John W. would have remembered those ‘HANGING CHADS’ down in Florida?, LOL.

          2. I understand that, so what’s being done about it?. Are you saying we shouldn’t vote?. What then?

          3. Lock & load, John W., LOCK & LOAD!!!

            STAY armed & ready at ALL times.

            And you have our permission to fire BEFORE you see the whites of their eyes, o.k.?

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