1/3 Of The USA Looks To Mandate Vaccines

Published on Oct 30, 2015 by Spiro

Hearings to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions to vaccine mandates have already taken place in Washington and Oregon. California, Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont all have bills already filed or press announcements of bills about to be filed to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Maine, Minnesota and Texas have bills to substantially restrict philosophical/conscientious exemptions.

Fifteen states have bills filed to expand vaccine mandates. These include Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.








22 thoughts on “1/3 Of The USA Looks To Mandate Vaccines

  1. So, state governments will use threats of violence against citizens to force profits into the pockets of pharma companies and their boot lickers. Now, can anyone of these politicians introducing these big pharma authored bills produce any studies that difinitively show that vaccines protect people from the diseases they purport to protect us from? Correlation is not causation, isn’t that how these criminal organization deride those who say their vaccines cause harm? How can anyone trust an industry with blanket immunity to only do things in the citizens best interests? Sounds more like a recipe to cut costs, safety and research since there is NO benefit to the maker to take these steps, only addition costs that hurt the bottom line.

  2. i saw another article on this topic that claimed California had passed mandatory vaccinations for adults, but I had previously heard that they were only mandatory for adults in the health and child care rackets.

    I’m not sure right now what the law states, but I AM sure that no one’s sticking any needles into me.

  3. Now I’m listening to the video, and it’s all about students, but they’ll always find a weak link to push they tyranny in.

    This will expand to adults in healthcare, and eventually all adults if there’s no resistance to it.

    And this is NOT a third of the United States. It’s a third of state governments. I think mandatory vaccinations will get a lot of resistance from the population in general (at least you would hope so, but I guess it all depends on how brainwashed they are) because they’re really crossing a personal line in the sand of a lot of people by forcing a needle into your arm.

    1. Starts with a small part of a group then, once toted as a huge success (accurate or not), it expands to more groups until all are involved, mandated to submit.

      There is a very succinct term for this: tyranny.

      Tyranny Abounds!

      “The US, where freedom from liberty still exists.”
      – Cynicles

      1. This was presented without any specific as it is merely the basis, a template, for how tyranny is expanded “willingly” upon “the people”.

        Insert other issues, perhaps guns, and it holds true.
        Gun control presented, falsely, as a huge success in every conceivable way thus must be further implemented, by mandate.

  4. Folks, Immigration from Syria is beginning soon. The shots will be needed to help with some really nasty stuff that they may be carrying. I think this is a legitimate precaution, imho. Healthcare workers and education professionals will be on the front line. If they fall ill after vaccination, then we will know what’s what. God help us all as these times are a changing.

    1. How convenient they are being allowed right into this nation w/o any checks or precautions – only many a free benefit.

      Treason by those who allow such a thing. The Pols that run the Gov are obligated to control the borders, to do otherwise is treason.

    2. Yup! We must have mandatory vaccination to kill off a percentage
      of the adult population and make the rest too sick to respond to
      the invasion. Vaccines have never been independently tested for
      safety. Some tests on effectiveness have shown no change in percentages of people contracting diseases. I read so many articles
      I can not save or remember all the references.

      1. I got this message clicking on your link: “This link is not authorized by Yahoo.” I got past it, anyway. Mercola has put out some very good articles over the years about the dangers of “vaccines.”


  6. Everything the government does with their laws is by force and with the barrel of a gun PERIOD. There is no choice with them. Then you think you might have a chance in court… if you even have the money to pay one of their vampire BAR conspirators attorneys. . including the Judge.
    Yeah good luck with that one.
    The only thing the Government runs off of is violence, instilling the fear of violence…and throwing you in a cage.
    Which equals slavery.
    Hey…nice clean killer clown uniforms though and killer clown cars.

  7. These vaccines have already been tested and continue to be tested on our military personnel. Since they own your butt literally once you sign away your life/soul to them.
    I heard a story about an Army person that they shot him in the@ss with so many vaccines before desert storm that he barely could sit down for almost a week. Using our military personnel as lab rats.
    Then they wondered how the gulf war syndrome came about.
    Well that’s after they actually admitted there was a problem after years of denial hoping most of the vets would just die off.
    Then if they were lucky enough they could deal with the VA!
    How’s that for pouring salt in the wound.

  8. The technique used by the NWO to poison/sterilize the public is to pass laws requiring we “drink the poison Kool-Aid and feed it to our kids” or loose our jobs. It will start in hospitals and child care environments. Then public service (on the lower levels), then companies that depend on government contracts may require their employees get the jab and finally everyone will be required to get stabbed to be treated in hospitals or work in public.

  9. i received a call last week stating that if a child in the home between 6 months and 19 years of age hasn’t seen a doctor in the last six months to make an appointment. i’m thinking to myself, or what? thank god all my kids are grown. however, my grandkids are not.

  10. Just got a notice from my last at-home child’s (who is a senior in high school) school. We home schooled for years but he wanted to finish up school in our local high school. It was all good. Checked the appropriate boxes to exempt from this poison. Now, they require watching a video, submitting a form and certificate of video to get exemption. But you can bet that mandatory is coming ASAP. What happens in California is coming here. He is our last at home. Thank God. But what about grandkids? What about all those little ones who are going to be pumped full of toxicity? And there are more and more vaccines queued up for our “benefit.” I have been speaking out against this for years. My husband and I both. We are now unfriended and ignored as “those crazy relatives” by almost everyone we know. It is a losing battle my friends. We are the outgoing generation and the incoming doesn’t seem to care nor understand the ramifications of this assault on our future. It is a lonely business being a small voice in the wilderness of I-don’t-give-a-shit.

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