Police Officers Attacked By Students During Brawl Outside Pa. School

Patch – by Kara Seymore

Four police officers were injured, including a female officer who was taken to the ground, after responding to a 200-person brawl outside a Pennsylvania high school Thursday.

According to reports, the officers were injured as they responded to a fight around 3 p.m. near Allen High School in Allentown.  

Violent video of the brawl and the attack on the officers was posted to Facebook. Authorities say three students have been arrested so far, the Morning Call reported.

When police responded to the fight, which had spilled out to the streets, the students began targeting the officers, the video shows. The video shows a female officer pushed to the ground and attacked by a student.

The video also shows students yelling at the officers as they attempt to restore order.

The three arrests made so far could just be the beginning, the Morning Call said. NBC10 reported two of the officers had more serious injuries but all are expected to be fine.

(WARNING: This video contains violence and explicit language.)



14 thoughts on “Police Officers Attacked By Students During Brawl Outside Pa. School

  1. Coming to every town near you! Very soon. BAR loving communist traitors need to be reminded who really has the authority.

  2. LOL! That commie was getting the crap beat out of her! This made my day seeing that cop on the ground being dragged around by her hair!!!!!!!

  3. Now we’re getting somewhere.

    References to “the natives” and “the jungle” tell me this was a gang of black kids, and that’s fine with me. At least they’re standing up to the tyranny while most of America stares into the tube and ignores it.

    Maybe we’ll have another black president if they’re the only ones showing any courage.

    1. I was referring to guns and roses… cause its gonna be a free for all when this stuff kicks off. It’s going to start with people that have been beat down the most. In pockets of resistance in all colors and flavors. Non compliance is a start along with ignoring authority.

      1. I was called away by a wood splitting operation.

        The fact of the matter is that blacks will rebel first because they have the least to lose.

        1. I love it! Pigs bit off more than they could chew attempting to protect and justify the unjustifiable. They haven’t a clue what’s waiting for them once the ball starts rolling. I have visions of town folk with flashlights and torches hunting them down like the pigs they are, stringin’ ’em up, and going about life without those son’s of bitches.

          There will come a day when a man can again take the word of another and know it will be done. There’s just this matter of removing the lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing, conniving, dirty, stinking joos and their cohorts for man’s survival.

          Yes, call me an anti-Semite! Why shouldn’t I be? The joos are wholly responsible for most of the world’s ills by design. This is well documented beyond proof. You damned right I hate those son’s of bitches!

          1. You’re right Mill… in a molecular universal world these fake Jews would be actually a virus.. as agent Smith would say in the matrix. If someone would make a vaccine for them to stop their inbred evilness it would be a start.
            Just like they made Sars and Mers and Aids.
            Someone at the military labs needs to develop a virus that only affects Jews.
            Jew Aids…..
            Then maybe we can finally live in peace amongst our brothers and sisters.

          2. How about some nice flesh-eating bacterial menace affecting joos only! A scumsucker eating a scumsucker!

    2. What??? Allentown is a shit hole and has been for along time. So far, it has not gotten the notoriety of Ferguson, but it’s reputation is known state wide.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!! The second best news I’ve heard all day. The first being the Monsanto on fire article.

    Keep ’em coming, people! We’re finally fightin’ back.

  5. Pissin’ the homeboys off.. 🙂 Notice they went after the “girl.” 😀

    All police departments are “Skating Away On the Thin Ice of The New Day.”

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