14 people shot, 5 officers killed in Dallas police ambush


DALLAS — Mayor Mike Rawlings has confirmed at least 12 police officers were shot and at least five were killed in an attack by two snipers in downtown Dallas at a protest of officer-involved shootings across the country on Thursday night.

Two civilians were also shot during the attack.

Dallas police sources confirmed to News 8 early Friday one suspect is dead after a long standoff with police. A female suspect was taken into custody earlier in the night. It is unclear at this time if they are the only suspects involved.  

The Dallas Police Association announced the fifth officer had died at about 1:45 a.m. One DART officer and four Dallas Police officers were killed.

DART had said a total of six officers were killed briefly early Friday morning before issuing a correction — only five are confirmed dead.

Still, it is the deadliest event for police officers in the United States since September 11, 2001.

15 thoughts on “14 people shot, 5 officers killed in Dallas police ambush

    1. Hi Sharon,

      No,.. they don’t ever give up,.. they are psychopathic communists with visions of global enslavement dancing in their heads.

      This is nothing more than “Distraction Theater”, that suits the need of drawing attention away from the fact that Hillary Barf Clinton’s free pass from the FBI just blew up in their face, and the added bonus, of providing more fodder for the Gun-Control push.

      A win-win situation for the Zionist-jew occupation.

      JD – US Marines – When the American people are actually fed up with these Zionist-jew-communist-bolsheviks,…. and the foreign invasion,… the streets will flow with blood from East-To-West,… North-To-South,… and there will not be a safe place anywhere in this country for them to hide, as we WILL hunt each and everyone of them down like the diseased animals that they are!!!


  1. And they still wont “get it”

    like i said when you poke the bear ,, it will snap and rip your head off

    if you go around poking a wolverine with a stick , and it jumps up and rips yer balls off .. dont go acting surprised when it happens , and dont blame it on the wolverine

    who knows , maybe the 5 dead cops will save a multitude of citizens from having their rights violated ,falsely imprisoned or killed, look at all the pets lives this could save .. there can be a positive end to this , its all in how you look at it

  2. Problem…..Reaction…..Solution
    Google White House Petitions, and you will find a Petition for Federalizing All L.E.O. across the USA.
    ( last night it had over 125,000 signatures)
    Note: NOTHING good comes from Federalization.

  3. Oh man, another training exercise.

    And this article says its the worst shooting since 9/11. ROLMFAO!

    Apparently 10 officers supposedly killed are more than the 3000 people that died in the WTC and countless other false flags.

    Amazing how they invoke the 9/11 thing and sensationalize it all.

    What a joke.

  4. Notice how quickly no one is talking about Hillary’s corruption and scandals?

    Yeah lol what a coincidence eh?

  5. In 2014 the following were killed by police:
    Asian 15
    Hispanic 138
    African-American 233
    White 414

  6. Barack Obama: I am not worried about Muslim extremists and I love the black lives matter movement. What worries me is 75 year old ranchers in Montana who go to church.

  7. Where are these “bombs”? These guys were also obviously well trained, maybe even militarily. There are so many conflicting stories out there they can’t keep their narrative straight.

    1. Guys, as in plural? Don’t cha know Steve, the other 3 shooters just went “poof”. The lone wolf, according to the MSM, acted alone, he told them so right before he died! (Sarcasm)

      As I said last night, “Go back to bed America, your government has it all figured out.” (Bill Hicks)

  8. Yes, what a novelty it is to use snipers in Dallas who did not survive to tell their tale, in order to bring about social and political change. What imagination! I never heard of such a thing.

  9. These cops were killed because they were white. (dam good chance of that or just coincidence?)The two black guys killed by cops were killed directly because of gun control and anti second amendment policies. Cops, regardless of color, are taught to treat guns as a crime by default. See it? That’s a problem. Just seeing a gun should not bring about fear any more than the presence of a gallon of milk. The difference today is a learned response and it’s taught by the corrupt fools refusing to relent before constitutional norms.

    We have serious troubles and the answers are staring us in the face, right there in our Constitution and Declaration. Either we get back on that track, or this last week is only a tiny sliver of what is to come. Either police back off innocent people, telling politicians that they will no longer play the part of revenuers, focusing instead upon the real criminals, or they will be directed to put themselves in more danger. Either people call out the corrupt politicians pushing a race war or they will find themselves at funerals of their own kin, dead because of their skin color.

    Folks, corrupt politicians and media hacks are pitting us against each other -all so they can line their own pockets. Stop taking their bait! Let’s stop letting the cons run the show, eh?

  10. The live footage I watched I couldn’t see much of anything. Heard shots being fired, people running, cops hiding behind their cars but that was pretty much it.

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