15 Year Old Georgia Boy Defends His Father by Shooting Attacker With .22 Rifle

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A fifteen year old boy in Columbia County, GA was forced to shoot his uncle, Ken­neth Wayne Newman Jr., after Newman came to the boy’s home, destroyed property, assaulted his father, and put him in a choke hold while threatening to kill him.

According to local media outlets, Newman came to his brother’s home intoxicated just after 2am. Newman allegedly began destroying property at the home and threatening to kill his brother, Rich­ard Green.  

At some point Newman did actually attack Green and ultimately put him into a choke hold for an extended period of time. Green’s fifteen year old son tried to physically and verbally break up the fight, but when that didn’t work he went and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle.

The boy warned Newman that he would shoot if he didn’t release his father. When Newman still did not comply, the boy fired a single shot into Newman’s back, about 6 inches below his neck.

When police arrived they found Newman bleeding and suffering from a gunshot wound. He is expected to recover from his injuries and will face charges once he is released from the hospital.

A second suspect, a female, was also arrested for attacking Green and his son. It is unclear if she came to the home with Newman.

The boy who fired the shot is not expected to face any charges.

This is the 71st defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Georgia and the 1,247th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.


3 thoughts on “15 Year Old Georgia Boy Defends His Father by Shooting Attacker With .22 Rifle

  1. Who says .22s are worthless for defense? I know, I know..there are bigger and badder calibers, but if all you have handy is a .22 it can do the job, especially out of a rifle.

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