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Concealed Weapon Detection System Being Implemented For The First Time. Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

Concealed Nation – by Brandon Curtis In Las Vegas, Nevada, it is perfectly legal to carry your concealed firearm into a casino. If they find out and ask you to leave, however, you’ll need to oblige or face trespassing charges. … Continue reading

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Up close and personal

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H.R. 1313 Bill Would Require Medical Procedures Like Vaccines as Requirement for Employment

Health Impact News – by National Vaccine Information Center Please immediately contact your Congressional Representative and 2 U.S. Senators to OPPOSE H.R 1313 Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act This bill is sponsored by Rep. Foxx, Virginia [R-NC-5]. It is attempting … Continue reading

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White House Goes On Lockdown Because Of Suspicious Individual

Daily Caller – by Kaitlan Collins The White House was on lockdown Tuesday morning after a man approached Secret Service with a suspicious package. A Secret Service spokesman briefed reporters from a locked James S. Brady Press Briefing Room and … Continue reading

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$540,701,000,000: U.S. Property Taxes Hit Record in 2016

CNS News – by  Terence P Jeffrey Americans paid a record $540,701,000,000 in property taxes to state and local governments in fiscal 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That was up $16,748,620,000—or about 3.2 percent–from $523,952,380,000 in property taxes … Continue reading

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Massive riots broke out in Paris late Monday evening following a shooting.

Gateway Pundit – by Carter A domestic disturbance call was placed to Paris police that resulted in a raid wherein a man armed with scissors was shot to death, French publication Le Figaro reports. The unfortunate shooting of a violent … Continue reading

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McCain: World ‘cries out’ for US and EU leadership

EU Observer – by Eric  Maurice The world “cries out for American and European leadership” through the EU and Nato, US senator John McCain said on Friday (24 March). In a “new world order under enormous strain” and in “the … Continue reading

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ICE arrests 26 illegal immigrants while they are carrying out community service as part of parole deals

Daily Mail Immigration agents swooped on a group of men carrying out community service in Fort Worth, Texas and arrested 26 illegal immigrants who were out on parole. Yesterday’s operation was one of the biggest carried out by Immigration and … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders To Sponsor Single-Payer Healthcare Bill

Newsweek – by Nicholas Loffredo Bernie Sanders is returning to a key campaign promise and will introduce a single-payer healthcare bill in the wake of the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement defeat. The Vermont senator said Sunday that he was willing to work … Continue reading

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Kid With Cancer Given Just Days To Live – Mom Gives Him WEED

Clash Daily Callie Blackwell went to the extreme for her son. Other families in the United Kingdom have had their children taken away from them for trying alternative treatments like cannabis.  

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SCUMBAGS Try To Rape Girl – Grand-dad With A SHOTGUN Ruins Their Day

Clash Daily One more example of a good guy with a gun vs. thugs. The 67-year old grandfather, Kenneth Byrd, was home with his wife, 65-year old Judy, and their 19-year old granddaughter.  

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Media Touts A New Study Blaming Diabetes Epidemic On Global Warming

The Daily Caller – by Michael Bastasch The media is touting a new study claiming global warming could be, at least in part, to blame for the “diabetes epidemic” sweeping the globe. “When it gets warmer, there is higher incidence … Continue reading

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Medicare – Part G – Nursing Home Plan

Say you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you. So, what do you do? You opt for Medicare Part G. The … Continue reading

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A little eye candy

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Police Are Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Track Gun Supporters, Says Lawyer

Daily Caller – by Eric  Leiberman A lawyer says law enforcement in Dearborn, Mich., conducted a “political witch hunt” after his clients were arrested for carrying firearms into a police station. Brandon Vreeland, 40, and James Baker, 24, were arrested Feb. 5 … Continue reading

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For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine

Free Thought Project – by Justin Gardner A profound shift in the federal government’s stance on cannabis was marked by subtle changes made this month to one webpage. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes … Continue reading

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Boeing’s first overseas factory to be built in China’s Zhoushan- American Trade Deficit Set to Skyrocket

The China Money Report – by D Collins The most important line item supporting the U.S. current account trade numbers has been Boeing aircraft. The large export revenue earned by Boeing has helped keep the U.S. trade deficit at only … Continue reading

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