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False Teacher Jim Bakker Wants To Sell You Freeze-Dried Food So You Can Survive The Coming Apocalypse


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Winter Olympics

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Four people shot, including 6-year-old, at Texas Roadhouse in San Antonio

CBS News SAN ANTONIO — Police were seeking a suspect after a 6-year-old boy and three adults were shot in the parking lot of a popular San Antonio steakhouse. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus says two of the adults’ injuries … Continue reading

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Big Pharma Stands to Lose $18.5 BILLION if Marijuana is Legalized Nationally: Is this Why the Current Administration is Attempting to Halt the Progress of Medical Cannabis?

Health Impact News – by Paul Fassa A 2017 study on medical cannabis by NewFrontier Data looked at the economic impact on the pharmaceutical industry if medical cannabis were to become legal nationally: In our latest study, From Prescription to Recommendation: How Cannabis … Continue reading

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Lawmakers agree to destroy site of school carnage: ‘This building has to come down’

Miami Herald Students will never be returning to Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School again. Florida legislators said Thursday they will provide the resources to help the Broward School District tear down Building 12, the site of the … Continue reading

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H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 Summery This bill amends the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.    

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Food for Thought

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Parents suing Indiana DCS workers after warrantless blood draw

Post News A southern Indiana family has filed a lawsuit against two Department of Child Services (DCS) workers who allegedly tried to take their daughter away following cannabidiol (CBD) oil treatment for her seizures. The story started last year, when Jade … Continue reading

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The 12 Most Dangerous Cancer Causing Products In Your Home Today

Wow Tips Among many other cancer causing products commonly found in the home, this dirty dozen list has made it to the Hall of Shame. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC) and Ralph Nader have released a “Dirty Dozen” list of … Continue reading

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Iowa DOT I-35 Crash Raw Footage 02/05/2018

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Welcome to Commiefornia

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Clerk shoots at robbers

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Amtrak train breaks apart at 125 mph

New York Post – by Danielle Furfaro A high-speed Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart as it was cruising through Maryland on Tuesday, sources told The Post. The 2150 Acela was traveling from Washington D.C. to the Big … Continue reading

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All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal?

The Sleuth Journal About 5 million U.S. adults and 1 million U.S. children use homeopathy every year, and the remedies are known to be “generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions,” according to the U.S. National Institutes of … Continue reading

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Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown turns herself in to prison

Action News Jax Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is now a federal inmate. She turned herself in at Federal Corrections Institution Coleman’s minimum security prison camp about 15 minutes before Monday’s noon deadline. Brown was sentenced last month to five years … Continue reading

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Doctors Show Common Vaccine Likely Worse than Getting the Disease It’s Suppose to Stop

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist The Physicians for Informed Consent is a group of doctors dedicated educate their patients and the public on infectious disease, the immune system, and informed consent. The group was founded in response to … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania car wash shooting leaves 5 dead, police say

Fox News Five people were killed after a shooting at a Pennsylvania car wash early Sunday morning, state police said. Pennsylvania State Police Trooper B station told Fox News one person was also injured, but did not provide information about … Continue reading

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Secret Service Quietly Warns Banks: Hackers Can Now ‘Jackpot’ ATMs, Drain All Cash In Minutes

True Pundit ATM “jackpotting” — a sophisticated crime in which thieves install malicious software and/or hardware at ATMs that forces the machines to spit out huge volumes of cash on demand — has long been a threat for banks in … Continue reading

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The Maker Of Huggies And Kleenex Is Firing Up To 5,500 Workers — And It’s Using Trump Tax Cuts To Pay For The Layoffs

Women System While many companies are using President Trump’s tax cuts to give workers bonuses or raise wages, the maker of Kleenex and Huggies is doing the opposite. Kimberly-Clark announced on Tuesday that it would cut between 5,000 and 5,500 … Continue reading

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STUDY: Over 30% of All ‘FDA-Approved’ Drugs Have Grave and Deadly Side Effects

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Close to one-third of drugs approved by the FDA are found to have safety problems, according to a research report from The Journal of the American Medical Association. JAMA’s report stated that these safety issues, … Continue reading

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