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Bullets and toilet paper

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84-Year-Old Korean War Vet Kills Home Intruder In One Point-Blank Shot

The Daily Caller – by Jonah Bennett An 84-year-old Korean War veteran killed a home intruder Friday with a single shot right to the chest, and he’s crediting God with his success. Two robbers tried to break into Korean War … Continue reading

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Statins are gateway drugs for Big Pharma: Take one and you’ll need four or five more prescriptions for the side effects

Natural News – by Isabelle Z One out of every three American adults take statins, and if you think that sounds like good news for statin manufacturers, you’re missing the bigger picture. All of Big Pharma benefits when people take statins. … Continue reading

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Aldi to give away all its unsold fresh food to ‘less fortunate individuals’ on Christmas Eve

The Independent Aldi has offered to give all its unsold fresh food away to charities and good causes when its stores close on Christmas Eve. The supermarket chain issued an appeal on social media urging organisations across the country to collect items left … Continue reading

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Pizza delivery man kills robber who attacked him in south St. Louis

St Louis Today ST. LOUIS • A pizza delivery man shot and killed a robber who attacked him late Thursday in south St. Louis, police say. The dead man was identified as Lavon Courtney Jr., 17, of the 5300 block … Continue reading

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319 Murdered — Baltimore Sees Second Deadliest Year On Record

The Daily Caller – by Nick Givas Baltimore is experiencing its second deadliest year on record, with 319 homicides committed in the city so far in 2017. The deadliest year on record occurred in 2015 with 344 homicides, reported The Baltimore Sun. … Continue reading

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‘Flu-pocalypse’ Predicted Due To Ineffective Flu Shots, Doctors Say

CBS News CBS Local — U.S. health officials are bracing for a devastating flu season this winter that many people won’t even be able to ward off with their annual flu shot. The possibility of a “flu-pocalypse” is being talked about … Continue reading

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Some people just get mad when happy hour is interrupted.

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Handy magnet mount

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Man Blocked GPS Tracker With Chip Bags So His Bosses Wouldn’t Know He Was Out Golfing, Says Report

The Daily Caller – by Eric Lieberman Australian authorities upheld the firing of a man who allegedly used empty snack bags to block GPS tracking mandated by his employer. The labor grievance commission in Australia ruled that Tom Colella, a … Continue reading

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Gun Permit

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Life Cycle For Men And Women

Women in three pictures:

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Sheila Jackson Lee Does Entire MSNBC Interview With… A Nosebleed?

The Daily Caller – by Amber Athey Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee did an entire interview on MSNBC Monday morning with what appeared to be a nosebleed dripping down her lip.

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Mass Shooting Stopped By Armed Citizens In FL, But You Won’t Hear About It In The News

Concealed Nation – by Brandon Curtis ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA — A gunman opened fire outside an auto shop in Florida on Friday, killing one and injuring two others. With no apparent connection to anyone at the auto shop, the suspect opened … Continue reading

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Two people injured in New York mall shooting during crowded holiday shopping day

Daily Mail Police have evacuated a mall in New York’s Hudson Valley amid reports of a shooting during a crowded holiday shopping day. State police say two people have been injured but it’s unclear whether they were shot. The reported … Continue reading

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Suspect shot by police at The Parks at Arlington; mall evacuated

The Dallas News An off-duty police officer shot and wounded a man suspected of stealing from a store at The Parks at Arlington mall Sunday afternoon. The officer responded to a report of a theft about 4:30 p.m. at the … Continue reading

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1 dead, 8 injured in 15 hours of shootings in St. Louis

St Louis Post-Dispatch ST. LOUIS • One person was killed and eight others injured in unrelated shootings throughout the city over 15 hours Friday. Police released few details about the seven shootings, which began in the early morning and ended in the … Continue reading

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New ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill Would Ban GLOCK 17 And Many Other Popular Pistols

Concealed Nation – by Johannes Paulsen, The Truth About Guns The text of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault rifle ban bill is now available on her website and, contra Nick’s expectations, it isn’t simply a copy-and-paste re-run of the failed Clinton era assault rifle ban … Continue reading

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Slain Baltimore cop was set to testify against fellow officers

True Pundit A Baltimore homicide detective was killed with his own service weapon as he was preparing to testify against fellow officers indicted in a drug-running scheme. Sean Suiter, 43, was fatally shot in the head on Nov. 15 and authorities said … Continue reading

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No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move

ArsTechnica – by Dan Goodin If you have the uncomfortable sense someone is looking over your shoulder as you surf the Web, you’re not being paranoid. A new study finds hundreds of sites—including,, and—employ scripts that record … Continue reading

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