2 thoughts on “20140412 UWS Marathon – Vinny Eastwood & Susan Posel

  1. Need I remind you that Susanne Posel has already been exposed as a Zionist shill? (with proof — not just my hunches)

    Vinny Eastwood? My guess is that he’s related to “Josey Wales” and this whole gang of Zio-trash is going to continue deceiving dissidents like the good little sayanim they are, with “beforeitsnews.com” and “occupycorporatism.com” as their base of operations.

    And please do take a look at the crew at “realguerillamedia.com” too. It looks like they discriminate against goyim in their hiring practices.

    Please remember that not everyone signing your song is in tune. These Zionist shills exist for the purpose of wasting the time and misdirecting the efforts of people who are dedicated to getting the truth out.

    I don’t know if realguerillamedia.com and guerillamedia.com are the same crew, but they’re both a gang of spies whether they’re associated with each other or not.

    1. Do a good job lying to the people Susanne, and maybe someday you’ll work for the big Zionists at the NY Times.

      You can share an office with Mike Snyder.

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