By TYLER DURDEN – Zerohedge

The clandestine bombings of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines under the Baltic Sea happened on September 26, 2022. This coming Tuesday will mark the one-year anniversary. The prospect of a direct NATO-Russia war has only continued to grow since as a possible nuclear WW3-level disastrous catastrophe, still looming darkly on the horizon. Continue reading “Seymour Hersh On The Mainstream’s Ukraine Narrative Shift”

By Cullen McCue – Trending Political News

The Democratic mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas blamed President Biden and his administration for the unprecedented surge of illegal aliens at the southern border, stating that Eagle Pass has been “abandoned” by the federal government. Continue reading “Democrat Mayor Of Eagle Pass Slams Biden Over Border Crisis: ‘We’re Here Abandoned’”

By Katie Daviscourt – The Postmillennial

Utah gender clinic performs sex changes on minors despite being 'fully aware' of permanent side effects

A Utah gender clinic is performing “irreversible” sex changes on minors despite being fully aware that they can cause permanent side effects, which lasting physical changes, including sterility. Continue reading “Utah gender clinic performs sex changes on minors despite being ‘fully aware’ of permanent side effects”

By The Vigilant Fox

“You can’t kill Americans … knowingly without the okay of the President because you’re literally burning up too much political capital.” Continue reading “BOMBSHELL: New-Found Emails Prove Biden White House Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public”