3 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 7-4-23

  1. I just came across a b.s. CNN article entitled: “Why the US does not get to assume that it lasts forever.”

    The article was grounded in the false left/right, holding that paradigm up as that which constitutes America and also that which is currently taring it apart. It then progresses into more extreme programming:

    “…the country from its founding has been riven by sectional, racial, class and gender conflicts.”

    “Large groups of people living within our borders have always felt excluded from any proclaimed national consensus…”

    And well they should be!!

    The writer speaks of America’s future as “unraveling,” and a nation “fully split apart.”

    “It is totally not a given that we get through this. The United States does not get to assume that it lasts forever.”

    Of course no mention of the intentional weakening and fracturing of the country by multiple means, especially unlawful and on-going invasion disguised as humanitarianism and opportunity.

    Is CNN telling us there’s a plan to dissolve The Republic? I think so. Many with eyes already see it.

    Many with guns will fight it.


    1. I have one on the the wall … just there for the jack booted thug that thinks they can just walk thru my fckn front door!!!!!!!!!! TWO BARRELS SAWED OFF!!!!!! ONE BARREL FOR EACH EYEBALL!!!!! Love you sister.

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