4-year-old killed in road rage shooting

KOAT 7 – by Devon Armijo

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon during a road rage incident on Interstate 40, and police have no idea who the killer is.

“This is a complete disrespect of human life. This is something that should not be happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico,” APD Chief Gorden Eden said.

Investigators said the girl was riding westbound with her family on I-40 around 3 p.m. For some reason, another car pulled up alongside theirs and someone started shooting. One of the bullets hit the little girl in the head.  

“From what we understand, the cars were both moving. One car pulled up next to the other car and started firing rounds into that vehicle,” Officer Simon Drobik said.

The family pulled to the side of the road until help could arrive. An off-duty Bernalillo County deputy pulled over to help shortly after the shooting. At first he thought the child had fallen out of the car, but then he discovered she’d been shot.

Medics rushed the girl to University of New Mexico Hospital, but she didn’t make it.

Police investigators said this case has touched them to their core, and they will work tirelessly to solve it.

“I’ve seen tragic loss of children in car crashes. To me, this is one of those crimes that is unexplainable. There is no way to explain your way out of this,” Eden said.

Police do not believe the family knew the shooter. They’re calling it a road rage case.

“Any time that a child is hurt its horrible, so these guys aren’t going to leave until they figure out what happened,” Drobik said.

“We are begging for information”

Albuquerque police have received conflicting information about the suspect’s vehicle. Police are asking for anyone who saw the incident to come forward.

“We are in desperate need of information,” Eden said. “Whatever information you have. Even if you think you saw something, please call 505-242-COPS.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 505-242-COPS.

“People had to have seen that. They had to have seen other vehicles in the area so we’re just begging the community, step forward. Let’s help this family,” Eden said.

I-40 Opened After Several Hours

Police have reopened westbound lanes of Interstate 40 from 98th Street to Coors Boulevard.

The road was closed for several hours Tuesday evening.

A spokesman said bullet casings may be spread out on that stretch and they didn’t want to take any chances during their investigation.


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