5 Michigan Counties To Participate In Roadside Drug Testing Pilot Program

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LANSING (WWJ) – In an effort to combat drugged driving in the state, Michigan State Police say they will launch a one-year oral fluid roadside drug testing pilot program beginning next week.

For starters, only the following five Michigan counties will be included: Berrien, Delta, Kent, St. Clair and Washtenaw —  chosen based on several criteria, including the number of impaired driving crashes, impaired drivers arrested and trained Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) in the county.  

What is the purpose of the program?

Over the last several years Michigan has seen a steady increase in fatal crashes involving drivers impaired by drugs, according to police. In 2016, there were 236 drug-involved traffic fatalities, which is an increase of 32 percent from 179 drug-involved traffic fatalities in 2015.

Police say the pilot program will establish policies for the administration of roadside drug testing to determine whether an individual is operating a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance in violation of Michigan law.

“Motorists under the influence of drugs pose a risk to themselves and others on the road,” said Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, director of the MSP. “With drugged driving on the rise, law enforcement officers need an effective tool to assist in making these determinations during a traffic stop.”

How will the testing work?

Under the pilot program, a DRE (a police officer who has received highly specified training that allows him or her to identify drivers impaired by drugs) may require a person to submit to a preliminary saliva analysis to detect the presence of a controlled substance in the person’s body if they suspect the driver is impaired by drugs. The preliminary oral fluid analysis will be conducted by a DRE on the person’s saliva, obtained by mouth swab, and will be administered along with the drug recognition 12-step evaluation currently used by DREs.

These tests are typically designed to detect common controlled substances including marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine and opiates.

The program, approved in legislation passed in Lansing last year, will begin on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Although it is being organized and managed by the MSP, DREs employed by county, township and municipal police agencies will also be involved.

Drivers refusing to submit to the test will be subject to a civil infraction.

5 Michigan Counties To Participate In Roadside Drug Testing Pilot Program

8 thoughts on “5 Michigan Counties To Participate In Roadside Drug Testing Pilot Program

  1. anyone and everyone that gets pulled over for this should refuse and take the “civil infraction” ticket

    than flood the courts with F you’s

    if they have no takers , their system fails, and if no one pays for all their wasted time, it fails even more .. it HAS to come down to the will of the people , if we are ever to win a dam thing against these pukes of state

      1. And I’m dead serious
        We need to band together as a force of people , basically saying F you , were done playing
        Make us !

        I know it’s wishful thinkin
        With every infringement on Us as the population, I become more distant from this land , and it’s “leadership ”
        I probably have less than 20 years of my life left , and if something doesn’t drastically change for the better here
        I might just up and say F it n leave

        To be honest , the 2nd amendment is all that’s keeping me here , no matter how dumb that sounds to some, because in reality no matter where I live , I’ll be armed , because I feel it’s a basic human right that no one can take away or restrict

  2. Everyone tested and found not to be under the influence of drugs, or any other substance, will receive a $10,000 check from the government.

    The audio book “Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic” would be a great start to understanding what’s going on. How Mexicans have been involved in not only Illegal immigration but the spread of Heroin to those who originally became addicted to prescription opiates that freely flowed from shady doctors and later “pill Mills”.

      1. Thanks Galen. I might add, I don’t believe its just a matter of immoral people “looking for a better life” as
        Henry might say. I think it’s a deliberate effort to destroy the American people. As it turns out, and the bad guys are finding out as much, that Americans are much tougher than they thought. It’ll be a rough, ugly battle, but we are as destined to win as we ever were.

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