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This will be my new AO.

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You will obey

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That’s not a lake. That is a field with the Big Sioux River in it.

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F-k You Snow

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Yea… They said: 6″ or 7″ more by tonight.

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And then, just like that. It was still winter.

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HARMONICA BLUES TRAIN “Mississippi rain” by CEDRA Gabriel

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Lenny

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What is the connection between David Hogg and Nikolas Cruz?

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At Least A Dozen States Plan To Sue Over New Census Citizenship Question

Yahoo News At least 12 states have responded with a wave of fury and legal action this week after the Trump administration announced it would add a question to the 2020 census asking respondents whether they are U.S. citizens. New York Attorney … Continue reading

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Organic Sandbag Alert!………….Captions Anyone?

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Guy Riding on a pig (Gone Wrong)

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Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

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The Weaponization of Social Media

Around about marker 9:30 is a clip from Israel National News -Aug- 2010, “Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia”

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Callin All The Clans Together

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Here is another one from Jack Hinson

Hey Trumptards … and ALL Government / Votetards … and SPECIFICALLY, the dumbed down sheople Police & Military supporters!!! Always remember that when Tyranny and Oppression come to your doorstep, it will be dressed in a nice Uniform! Tyranny and … Continue reading

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We Already Knew

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South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land

Daily Mail White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in parliament. The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by … Continue reading

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State Law Says Only Law Enforcement Can Carry on Campus. So This Sheriff is Deputizing Teachers.

Tribunist After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, there has been renewed interest in allowing properly trained teachers and school staff to carry concealed weapons with them at work. However, the idea often doesn’t align with state … Continue reading

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