15 thoughts on “5 Minutes

  1. HEY!

    I didn’t give anyone permission to use my photo! That’s not even my good side!!!

    Still waiting…


    Paul, you always make my day, brother.

    Story of my life. But god help me if SHE has to wait 0.5 seconds longer than she has to just for ME. LOL!

      1. Good Paul, just got my add in the paper and Craig’s List for a warm woman to bed down with this winter. I’ve hired a staff to make sure no calls are missed. (:lol:)

          1. Maybe an accident will happen in front of my house and a woman will fly through my bedroom window, breaking no glass whatsoever, and, thank God, I’m there to catch her!
            Sound’s like that movie where the kid says, “Thank You, God.”

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