51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View

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With all of the 24/7 righteous indignation about weapons of mass destruction in Syria and call for ‘compliance with international norms’, the mainstream media barely mentioned this week’s UN vote on whether or not Israel should enter the international community by allowing nuclear weapons inspectors to see what its been hiding for decades now – a full-blown nuclear weapons program.

Hiding a military nuclear arsenal is no small feat. What this latest US-led lobbying effort in the UN demonstrates clearly, is that the State of Israel, shielded by its chief backers the United States, Great Britain and France, maintains its own set of rules outside of international laws and norms.   

One might ask the question: does Israel plan to use its nukes on any other countries? If not, why does it need to maintain them, and in secret?

Along with the US, Israel has already threatened to attack Iran on the basis that Iran might, one day, build a nuclear weapon. Both the US and Israel say this would be a “pre-emptive strike” – just in case Iran might attack Israel at some point in the future, even though Iran, unlike Israel, has no history of aggression against any of its regional neighbors. In fact, the State of Israel was founded upon unwarranted aggression, terrorist bombings and ethnic cleaning programs targeting native Palestinian Arabs who previously lived within its ever-expanding borders.

This is the definition of a triple standard

Daily Sheeple reported:

“Of the 94 countries that voted on the resolution to force Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, 51 voted against the proposal. Interestingly ALL the Middle Eastern States were in favor of Israel joining, with the United States, Britain and the European nations forming the majority that voted against it”…


5 thoughts on “51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View

  1. It all just goes to prove my point that putting Putin on a pedestal and having him have other countries give their control over to the UN instead of going to war with the U.S. is a BIG mistake as the Zionists control both sides and the people are merely playing the Zionist’s game as pawns on the chessboard. Either way, they win and their NWO/Global government plan comes into existence unless we, as a people, take them out by force.

    We, as a people, must create our own chessboard and play our own game and move the elite the way we want them to move or just step out of the game and attack them from the flanks of their chess game.

  2. The last paragraph you have, NC, says it just right.
    “the way we want them to move”
    Now if we can some how get enough internet power to freek-um a bit….
    to show us, before hand, their next move….
    you got something of value right there…..excellent

  3. The US prints fiat currency, backed up by nothing valuable. The US currency is the worlds reserve currency, meaning nearly all countries can use it. The US gives “financial aid” in the millions to most countries and billions to some countries like Israel. Those countries get “hooked” on the free financial aid which is usually hoarded by their leaders. Now when something important comes up at the UN and the US and Israel need some votes, guess how the countries receiving financial vote. Right! They vote exactly the way the US tells them to vote. And because the US currency is fiat, it doesn’t cost the US anything, just print the bills.

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