4 thoughts on “#734 Death and Taxes

  1. “Wholly UnAmerican system of taxation” is a statement made by someone in this video. This is an incorrect statement promoting falsehoods. Article 1 sec. 9 of the Constitution- “No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or Enumeration hereinbefore directed to be taken.
    The “income” tax is an excise tax or privilege tax, they are synonymous , as well as an indirect tax, which can fall only on a wholly optional activity.
    Around 28:35 in vid, Kahls former boss quotes Kahl as having said “the income tax is illegal.” This is a wholly false statement as well promoting falsehoods as well. The income tax laws ONLY apply to those exercising a privilege, this is according to the statutes on the books, period. If you have been issued a W-2 or 1099 or any other information return, these simply need to be rebutted, as they are on the record, and are presumed evidence that you have exercised the privilege of being in the employ of the fed. govt..
    Many a good men have lost their lives regarding the subject. No more though since Cracking the Code by Peter Hendrickson. http://losthorizons.com

    1. I only sent it in as a Gordon Kahl story, Katie.
      I haven’t read the book ‘Lost Horizons’.
      Whether income tax is Constitutional or not, I’m not sure.
      I do know that I aint giving any.
      The Federal Reserve and IRS are not Federal, and not Constitutional as far as I know.
      Also, pretty sure many more will die telling them to turn blue 😉 🙂


      1. The issue of the income tax came up in the video, so I addressed the incorrect statements. I was by no means insulting your post. So long as nothing is on the record such as a W-4, W-2, or 1099 or any other information receipt you have not been assumed to be working for fed. govt.. So, yes, you ain’t giving them any.

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