911 Planned at an American Lab

imgres.jpegI know how you all feel about Gordon Duff, but if what he says in his interview with Stew Webb is true, according to Kerry Cassidy, then perhaps it might be worth hearing.

Gordon says DHS is run by Israel and there is a “study group” learning how to take down the American electrical grid, with another group designing weapons to do it. This all brings memories back about what Janet Napolitano said about an EMP attack before she left office. I personally think this is important. I plan on listening to the interview.

Project Camelot – by Kerry Cassidy

Everyone needs to listen to this interview with GORDON DUFF by Stew Webb:  

At approximately 12-13 minutes in Duff CLEARLY STATES that 911 was planned by and the weapons designed for taking down the Twin Towers in 911 at “Sandia Labs/Los Alamos” by “rogue groups”.  He states very clearly 911 was planned at an American Lab.  If true, this should be headline news.

He also states that America was forced through NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL in 911 to accept an OVERSITE ORGANIZATION that he says “runs the United States”, the Department of Homeland Security, which Gordon says is run by Israel.


It is also interesting to note that Sandia is quote a “wholly owned subsidiary of LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION”.

He is also stating they found a “study group” within Sandia is now learning how to take down the America grid (supposedly a study to defend the American grid) for years leaving the United States non-existent.  And another group are designing the weapons to do it, (advanced EMP explosives) they are in the final design phase and ready to go into production “somewhere”…. he goes on to say, “These weapons as we understand are probably inside the United States now, and the ability for the United States to locate nuclear weapons on its own soil using satellites has been compromised…”  The same group has learned how to escape the technologies of our own satellites, and that was done by the same individuals… the people who designed the detectors designed the back doors to gate them.”  Quotes from the above radio show interview with Gordon Duff conducted by Stew Webb on Revolution Radio.

Gordon states, “You may think you’re a secret lab planning to take over the United States….but somebody is standing outside the door listening all the time… we always get everything..” (meaning the division of the CIA Gordon works with, one assumes).



5 thoughts on “911 Planned at an American Lab

  1. If DHS is run by Israel, and being that Israel is basically owned by the Rothschilds, it follows then that DHS is directed by the Rothschilds.

    1. The things not controlled by them are destroyed by the nations w/ central banks – easy to identify.

  2. Gordon Duff is complete cointel or he’s a blithering idiot that claims to know about everything, everyone and he’s everywhere, all the time. Listen to this fvcking moron in the video link below. You need to get about halfway in when he begins to show his gay pride flag, love for Obama and his Communist roots. FVCK THIS GUY! I wouldn’t trust a single word coming from his lying mouth.

  3. Gee, ya think that Zionists control the DHS? Whatever gave it away, you dumb cluck. Let me tell you something, the Zio bankers control Israel and our FED, and they control everything in our government so long as it is paid for with money they create out of thin-air. It’s really flipping simple…

    As far as an EMP, sure. I believe that is possible. The Zio-nazis are not loyal to the goyim or his country. They are parasites and see you only as a means to an end. That end followed by the move to the new host, China. However, they will stick around to keep the American host in a weakened state.

  4. Duff is CIA … but he does have a few pieces of the puzzle to the larger picture. Use discretion to decide which pieces. They’d kill him if he told everything.
    . . .

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