99ers and Tier 5 Supporters – Just another Day in Paradise

There were only 39,000 jobs created last month making the unemployment rate rise to 9.8%.  The Republicans were fast to act in jumping onto the soapbox and announcing that the rise in the unemployment rate is proof positive that extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% is the only thing that can save us.  And of course the same old rhetoric in reference to green energy as a solution to unemployment is being parroted across the spectrum.  The propagandists must surely think we have the memory span of a head of lettuce.

Personally I had a funny feeling that our economy might take another dive after all the fools who were able to, maxed out their credit cards buying Christmas gifts they could not afford.  When the buzz about town was, “The economy is growing, personal incomes are going up, and consumer spending is rising.”  Every person who had any money should have grabbed a sock, inserted the money, and headed for the mattress.  So how do you tell when the mainstream media is lying?  Well, their lips are moving.  And who do they lie for?  The corporate mobsters of course.

The propagandists are saying we need more demand before we can have jobs, out of one side of their mouth, while saying we need more jobs before we can have more demand, out of the other side of their mouth.

I know somebody from the government will be reading this article today, so I am going to throw them a bone.  Here is how you solve the economic crisis and bring unemployment down to an acceptable level.  END NAFTA, CAFTA, AND GATT!  SEND ALL THE ILLEGALS BACK TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES AND SEAL OUR BORDERS!  MAKE THE RICH BRING ALL THE PROFITS THEY ARE MAKING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES BACK TO AMERICA AND TAX THEM, IF THEY REFUSE TO PAY THE TAX, JAIL THEM FOR TAX EVASION!  PASS LEGISLATION CREATING A 90% TAX ON ALL MONIES LEAVING THE UNITED STATES TO BE INVESTED IN OTHER COUNTRIES!  ENACT LEGISLATION STOPPING ANY NATURAL RESOURCE LEAVING OUR COUNTRY EXCEPT IN THE FORM OF GOODS, 100% MANUFATURED IN AMERICA!  BAM! Overnight not only are we out of the economic crisis, but are prospering as citizens of the richest country on the planet.  Get real; this is not the rocket science they are trying to make it out to be.

Let’s face it, decisive actions were taken to destroy our industrial base and send our jobs out of the country.  All you have to do to fix the situation is to, are you ready, undo what you did to screw it up.  Of course any of the suggestions contained in this article will not be heard coming from the lips of our so called representatives.  They are employees of the international corporate mafia and are at present destroying our country by design.

So it’s 9.8% unemployment and the millionaire propagandists are still treating extending unemployment insurance like a dirty word while pushing extending tax cuts for the filthy rich in the top 2%.  It’s just another day in paradise.

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  1. Need to get the hell out of Afghanistan as well, 8 billion dollars a month for what? Teenage soldiers dying for some crook named Korzi?. Insanity. Pakistan will never be civilized enough for America. Get the hell out!

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