Political Power

First Published 9-30-10

There are two kinds of political power; one is wealth and the other is numbers.

Let’s talk about wealth.  Wealth has been the dominating political power in our country for too many years now.  The congress has not even recessed yet and there are five hundred fund raisers on the calendar in Washington D.C.  You see, the politicians do not even have to bother going back to their home states to be bought off anymore, as all is accomplished within the boundaries of the District of Columbia.

Lobbyists literally from all over the world will be writing checks for every candidate up for election.  This is the rich flexing their political muscle, which is money.  Said money is taken by the politicians and a portion goes into what is known by lobbyists as the black hole; having been laundered it eventually lands back in the pockets of the politicians.  The rest of the money is used for advertizing, which we all have seen consists of blanket propaganda depicting each candidate as the worst possible choice we could make.

We the people are then expected to pull those little cards out of our wallets and purses, look at the D or the R, run down to the voting booths and vote for the D or the R, and support the home team reasoning that, as they are a D like me or an R like you, they must be the lesser of the two evils.  Well, I think the cold slap of reality might have snapped us out of the left-right paradigm, but has it happened too late?

Numbers are we the people, the individual voter.  Our power lies in reason.  Once the people have come to the realization that they have been duped, lied to, stolen from, and left on the side of the road like an unwanted pet, numbers becomes the dominate political power.  Numbers can vote all incumbents and all Republicans offering us a redo of the Bush era out.  Numbers can also not vote at all for individual candidates if both candidates represent a non choice.  The non choice votes would have to be recognized because the rest of the ballot is filled out and it cannot be calculated as a mistake as the number of ballots without a vote for a non candidate is too many.

I intend to vote with numbers.  I think, considering the events in Europe, in reference to the governments there taking the wealth from the working people and giving it to the rich, and the violence which is ensuing, our government had better take a long hard look at the votes and the non votes.  Because the most important thing about numbers is that if things get bad enough, the militias in this country are ready to fill the empty hands of the working poor, the poor, and the disenfranchised with guns.

Then these unbelievably arrogant criminal snobs will be facing armed patriots with numbers sufficient to arrest, try, convict, and place every one of them on deportation barges which, will not be landing on the beaches of the Netherlands.  As we will not have killed them, we will be exercising what is known as justice tempered with mercy.  They will understand what this means when the barges land on the beaches of one of the third world countries where the international corporate mafia has robbed those people of their resources, infected them with disease, and left them to starve to death.  We will leave the fate of the rich aristocrats to those they have hurt the most.  Bon Appetit.


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