War on the Rich

First Published 9-29-10

Nothing gets my Irish up faster than an Englishman speaking with an British accent on my Chinese made, American television telling me how outrageous it is for the poor to be blaming the rich for their plight, as was the case on Fox Business’ Varney And Company.  The arrogance of the rich never ceases to amaze me.  Over the past two years we have witnessed one of the largest transfers of wealth (from the working people to the rich) in the history of the world.  It is amazing how they can go from free spending lunatics, (when the money is coming from the working person’s pocket and going into their vaults) to the thriftiest of the thrifty, and not only take control of the purse strings but cut them off .

Apparently, there has been a great awakening and many citizens have been registering Independent.  They have attacked the political base of the Democrats and the Republicans, leading to such statements as, “The Democrats may have to take the vote to the people” and “If the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow we could see a second American Revolution.”

Varney And Company, after announcing the predicament the rich are finding themselves in, then went to work trying to redirect the anger of the poor toward labor unions.  Apparently we are supposed to forget about the $28 trillion the rich have stolen and redirect our anger at thirteen auto workers at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, who were snuck up on and taped by the media drinking alcohol and smoking pot on their break.  The theory being, as Chrysler took bailout monies some of which went into their pension funds, that somehow these thirteen auto workers were ripping we the people off by drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break.

Here’s a news flash for you:  This country was built by people drinking whiskey and smoking pot on their lunch breaks.  It was surrendered by politically correct pencil necks who had no problem peeing in a bottle.  Not to mention the fact that the rich bankers that robbed us blind and even the politicians that work for us enjoy their three martini lunch with a side of cocaine every day.  That is what is known as hypocrisy.

People, we are not only having an effect, we are having a massive effect.  Make no mistake; this is a war for nothing less than our Constitution and country.  When two people with serious differences face off, before the first blow is thrown, the last words are spoken.  We spoke our last words when we said, “Pass the Damn Tier 5 Now” and told Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that we would either work for or against them depending on how they addressed Tier 5.  They ignored us and the fight was on.

We must keep swinging.  If we quit swinging we lose the fight.  We must not show any weakness like announcing in public that we are not going to vote.  Though a non vote may become a strategy, our strategies must be kept unto ourselves.  As in a fight, if you tell someone you are going to hit them in the jaw, that punch will be deflected.

We must redouble our effort which means we must become twice as mean and twice as determined.  I have, to this day, been responsible for myself and nineteen others changing party affiliation to Independent.  This week I will persuade nineteen more.  If each one of you just doubles what you have done, I believe the main stream media will be forced to acknowledge and report that it is the 99ers who are responsible for the mass increase in the last few weeks in Independent registration.  If we can accomplish this, our so called representatives, and those wishing to become our so called representatives, will have to come to terms with us.  They will have to offer us terms for their surrender, as they will know that if they do not, we will have the power to annihilate them politically.  And that if this thing does not soon come to a conclusion that allows us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we might realistically annihilate them utterly.


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  1. I think we need to bring this up again Henry. Important for 2012 elections. Need to get the word out again and again. This is important.

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