99ers HR 589 Supporters – Obama Speaks Out for His People

The nation sat in awe as that two bit murdering whore, Hilary the Hut Clinton, stepped up to the podium and puked socialism on the mic, ending her statement with “Blah, and here’s our President, Barack Obama.”   Our illustrious president, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat was at the top of his game reading first the teleprompter on the right, then the teleprompter on the left, leaving his brain dead television audience with the illusion that he was looking out and connecting with a group of people.

Barry spoke of many wondrous things, like that fellow that lit himself on fire in Egypt.  There was indeed and air of reverence as he proclaimed the people’s rights to work and feed their families, to have a say in their government, representation, and access to the media.  Of course he was talking about the people of Egypt.

Tell me 99ers, how wonderful would it be if the great emancipator Barry bestowed upon us access to our government, representation, and access to the media?

Barry then went on to speak of the billions of American tax dollars he is going to send to Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Israel.  The money to Israel is of course just tribute.  But the great orator made it clear that the billions being sent to the Middle East and Northern Africa are explicitly to boost their economies and create jobs for their peoples because they deserve and have a right to a job, especially their young people coming out of school.

Obama is a traitor of the highest order.   He has gone against the people of the United States in openly advocating for Mexico, who is at present invading our southern border and attempting to subvert our government through elected officials, who are attempting to change our laws, take our property, and give it to their brothers and sisters coming up illegally from the south.

He gives billions to foreign countries to get them jobs, while ignoring 20 million unemployed and desperate citizens in the United States.

He has chaired the UN Securities Council in violation of our Constitution.

He has invaded two sovereign countries in violation of U.S. and international law.

He is nothing but a low down, no good, dirty, south side of Chicago, back alley pimp.  And yesterday he stood before a whole wall of American flags, while he pissed on our Constitution, people, and country.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. MR.OBAMA. Is the man give give give to the world, American people don’t want to see people living out on the street going hungry, even if were hungry we are american we work hard so other countrys can have evrything they need just call us we love to help how much do you need, just call washington we will help tell obama the people 99er sent you!

  2. This is ridiculous! If you are an American President, you put America and its people FIRST. Take care of others after you have taken care of your own. The American people elected Obama because we thought he represented change. Our mistake and now we are paying for it big time. Billions of what!, dollars is going to Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Israel? I thought we broke! That money could easiy fund an extension for all us 99ers that we would be glad to have. My mother, sisters and I are in dire distress as many of you are. Obama and Co. does not CHOOSE to spend it on us. I they view our future economic contributions are trivial therefore we are not worth the effort. They are greatly underestimating a valuable part of society at their peril. Mexico was one of the first countries the US used for outsourcing. Hersheys is now in Mexico! I am far from an economist, but the US wants globalization at the costs of its citizen. Those who are left behind are considered collateral damage. Most of us 99ers are in our fifities or sixties and to an extent this is no coincidence. This generation is caught in an ackward position , between the old economy and work place and the new evolving one. That is one reason for the age discrimination, employers do not want to take a chance on “last year’s model” if you will. We are likened to a depreciated car, trade it in for a new one. But, we are not cars we are intelligent people and it is our responsibility to prove them wrong. If we do not take a more active role in government and it’s policies we are in grave danger of becoming a third world country. The corporate mafias and governments will not care one bit.

    1. Re Post:

      To 99ers and anyone that can help, please read the following!

      I have a suggestion since we can’t get the main stream media news programs to broadcast our critical unemployment situation referred to as 99ers, why don’t we flood the internet with our plight? Our biggest problem is the lack of media attention. Since we don’t have the transportation money to march on anywhere, Washington D C, our State Capitols our City Halls or even our local Unemployment Offices. On a daily basis I suggest we flood the internet with a simple message. If someone can word this better than I, any suggestions are welcome.
      **Please excuse this desperate interruption to your comments. For over a year, millions of Americans called 99ers have gone without any income or jobs, because none are available. We are not being covered by the news stations. We need your support! We need Jobs or help not welfare. For more information please Google “99ers” “Tier V”.**
      **“Wikipedia says” “99ers is a colloquial term for unemployed people in the United States, mostly citizens, who have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions”.
      We need your help and support because The President, The Senate, Congress and the News Media have ignored suffering Americans with families and no means of support. We are becoming, homeless, destitute, suicidal and plain desperate. We need the help and support of every American to help our cause until jobs become available.**
      Insert this message in every comment area of every story on the internet at least once.
      We should abide by some rules; please don’t repeat it over and over in the same story this would be annoying. Don’t use caps, this is also annoying. No profanity. This is not annoying it’s just rude. If a comment area only holds a few characters then only use the 1st paragraph. Or as much of it as possible!
      This may be just annoying enough to get the mass media attention we need from the main stream media news stations. Consider it a non violent demonstration using the media that’s currently available to us without requiring any money.
      Your comments on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Even the negative ones!

    2. Obama’s “Change promise was only to get elected”.
      The biggest problem I have with all politicians is that they can promise you anything to get elected, or stay elected. However after the election they have no contract to keep those promises and we have to wait until the next election to dump them.
      There should be some clause in an election contract that if you intentionally deviate from the stated platform you were elected on we can vote again in 6 months instead of being duped into another 2 to 4 years. Currently we can only impeach them if they break a current law, except lying. If we could impeach them for lying we’d have no politicians!
      These professional liars bait us with promises accept money + gifts from special interest groups or big money corporations then sell us out for their own interests. I especially don’t like the older life time politicians because they have been lying and scamming the longest and they know the game well.
      However, Obama promised a change from Bush, and we got what we asked for a change “only for 99ers it was a change to worse!”
      If “I” promised everybody a car to get elected, you know that would sound insane! Unless I was Oprah, why doesn’t she run for President, I’d love to be treated the way she treats the people on her show! The only problem I have with her is she has said nothing about the long term unemployed and I know she knows about us!
      If we’re still alive in 2012 Obama will again tell you what you want to hear! Why do we only get to choose from the bunch of bums we’re given!
      The hell with Ron Paul he can also change his stance once in office. I want Henry Shivley to run for President at least he hasn’t changed his stance on what he believes since I’ve been reading Trenches!

  3. Isn’t there one honest, elected representative in the Federal Govt., who has the future of our country and it’s people in their hearts, to start impeachment proceedings against this son of a bitch ! I swear, I think he’s the Anti-Christ.


  5. Lets use California for an example….

    There are 2.1 million unemployed in this state and 420,000 that have run out of benefits to date
    (May 2011).

    Lets just say that 100,000 of those who dropped off the rolls found employment leaving 320,000 unemployed. This would mean that the REAL unemployment rate in this state is APPX 14+ percent.

    Thank you Mr. Obama. I did not vote for you, however, the ignorant people that did vote for you did not vote for this kind of “Change”!!

    1. Lets all be honest about this, we voted for him mostly because he was black and sounded smart. We wanted change he said he would deliver. After voting him in we realized just how little experience he had but comforted areselves by saying yes but he is smart. Well, he is very smart, however we have been duped, there is no change,
      he really, really wanted to be president and the corporate mafia said we can make it happen. That’s all, that’s what happened. We all had a short good feeling about what a great, compassionate nation we are then realized the stupidity of our vote. The world thinks we are a joke and we better fix this soon! NOT A WORD ABOUT SUFFERING AMERICANS-This can not be tolerated by any true Patriots!

      1. I also voted for Obama but not because of his skin color. There was no way in heck that I was going to vote for McCain/Palin. I should have just keep my a—- home that day.

        All of them know that once they are in Washington the money will poor in for an hours work for the year. Criminals all of them!

  6. i believe more people are waking up to the events that are unfolding.This has been a master plan for a long time however no one in this country will do anything until its to late. most have been progamed to believe what they see on the news forever. If you question their motives you are labeled a radical i say i do not care what the so called government thinks of me im ready for anything they got god bless us all ps @$%%%@@ barrak obama or is it osama?

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