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  1. Henry,
    My sister lives in a small affluent community called Winchester, MA. We were both having difficulty with our mortgages. I told her about the new OBamo HAMP program because I was excited, saw a chance to make it. Well, her mortgage was held by the local bank, mine was held by HSBC out of London. She called her bank and immediately was told she could go to interest only on the loan, saving her $500.00 a month, she’s fine now. I ask HSBC to do the same and WOW, you mean you want a modification? well jump thru all our B—S— and we won’t give you DICK! I could’nt believe it. She thought I was nuts and she’s the one that got a break. HSBC told me, you know we did’nt take any bailout money so we don’t have to listen to your modification crap. That’s an example of what the video was talking about and the guy is right. God dam these big banks!

  2. BTW, the site just passed 200,000 hits and we as a group are growing! Our views will be heard by those SOB’s sooner than later. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY!

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