A Drawing From the Trenches

Last Day!

Mary, Flee, Norm, and Hal Apeeno are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report.

Mary has provided four prizes.

The first drawing will be for a pair of Midland Talker Two-Way Radios.  

The second drawing, from our sponsor Doom and Bloom, will be for The Survival Medicine Handbook by Joseph and Amy Alton and a LuminAID Solar Lantern.

The third drawing will be for Curing the Incurable by Thomas E Levy and Only by Blood and Suffering by Lavoy Finicum.

The forth drawing, also from our sponsor Doom and Bloom, will be for The Survival Medicine Handbook by Joseph and Amy Alton and a Swat-T Tourniquet.

Flee has provided a Sun Oven for the fifth drawing.

Norm has provided a set of M1 Garand Receiver Blueprints (as shown) rolled in tube for the sixth drawing.

Hal Apeeno has provided three prizes.

The seventh drawing will be for a new Fulton MX-991/U Angle Head Flashlight Military issue.

The eighth drawing will be for two new ALICE LC-1 First aid/Compass pouches.

The ninth drawing will be for six P-38 can openers.

Every dollar donated equals one entry in the drawing.  All those who have donated since the last drawing are automatically entered, unless they specifically ask not to be.

The drawing will be held Friday, July 28, 2017, in the final segment of The Word From the Trenches.

We extend our thanks to Mary, Flee, Norm, and Hal Apeeno for providing the prizes.

All donations are needed and appreciated.  Good luck to all those who step up.

18 thoughts on “A Drawing From the Trenches

  1. Quite a good thing your doing Mary, thank you 🙂 Many hands make for light work as Koernke always says, I’m all for giving the mainstream media a run for their money.

  2. omg !!!!!!!!! sun oven!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!! on my wish list!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA FLEE ….too bad I didn’t enter hahahaha

  3. I have to note that the item has never been opened and used.

    Shipping date on the box says 2015.

    This will attest to it’s American made quality.

    If it doesn’t work.

    Then all you can say is…

    Sun Oven B!tch..!!!

    Bada Ching..

    [Insert laugh track here.]

      1. Stop it Angel…
        Your just killin me.
        Frickin killin me…!!!

        If you keep this up…
        You’re going time out.

        With no dinner. ..
        And you are going to your room and sit in the corner until I say you can come out.

        You people are fortunate I ran out of rope.

        Because it’s a 70 mile round trip to home depot to buy more.

        And hang myself.
        I’ll pussy out though..
        Because when I get back…
        I’ll be 2 tired and need an old man nap.

        But it’s on my action item and punch list I’ll never get to.

        1. Just helping you out, bro.
          You asked for it, “[Insert laugh track here.]”… you got it. LOL 😉 😀 😆

          1. We’ll meet Angel.
            But not in the physical world.
            It will be on the astral plane.

            While your sleeping and dreaming.

            Just remember…

            I am not the adversary while you are dreaming.

            I’m the one they can’t catch.

          2. 😉 😀 I meet diggerdan on a regular basis.

            I have NEVER considered you to be the adversary. <3

            Your solar oven contribution is beautiful. 🙂 Kudos

      1. Agreed, they are awesome. The best juiciest meat you will ever eat will come out of a Sun Oven.
        Thanks, Katie. 🙂

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