A Lot of Americans are doing this in 2021!

Mar 7, 2021
A Lot of lessons learned in 2020, when spring came around last year you couldn’t even buy Garden seeds in some states. The grocery store shelves where bare and many Americans made a plan to grow more food in 2021. Today we get our chores done on our 11 acre off grid homestead and head over to a friends house to help them put up a big green house.

3 thoughts on “A Lot of Americans are doing this in 2021!

  1. I just watched this a while ago. I subscribe to their channel. They have been off grid for ten years and rely exclusively on rain water. That is one huge greenhouse their friend is building. I am looking at Tuftex for my build, on a much smaller scale of course. I don’t think the plastic is the way to go up here.

    1. I’ve got a small self built greenhouse and tried to use a 6-8 mil plastic
      It won’t last a year , the UV attacks it so badly that it crumbles
      I can get by with it if I just use it for early spring start ups
      But it has to come down once the temperatures are safe enough to plant or it’s junk by fall

  2. YEAH!
    That’s what Americans are supposed to do. 🙂
    Except for maybe the Black Forest Koo Koo clock… 😉
    Great video, Joe!

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