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Report: Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Given $5K in Taxpayer Money to Fight Charges

Breitbart – by John Binder The illegal alien charged with murdering 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts has reportedly been granted $5,000 in American taxpayer dollars to fight the first-degree murder charges against him. Last month, law enforcement officials announced that … Continue reading

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Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes? Scientists doubt it

CNN Hurricane experts are throwing cold water on an idea backed by billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates aimed at controlling the weather. Gates and a dozen other scientists have raised eyebrows by submitting patent applications for a technology to reduce … Continue reading

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New Record for August 2018 NICS Background Checks (gun sales indicator)

Gun Watch – by Dean Weingarten The National Instant background Check System (NICS) checks performed in August, 2018 numbered 2,073,296. This is the highest number for August since NICS was started in 1998. The NICS checks for August of 1999, … Continue reading

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Philippines government conducts armed raid of natural health clinic; hundred of patients thrown to the streets… Dr. Farrah forced to flee after entire family death threated

Natural News – by Mike Adams Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch of the DFAB Natural Medical Center in the Philippines has been subject to an armed government raid that effectively shut down her facility, sending hundreds of patients to the streets. Widely … Continue reading

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Sunspot Observatory closed due to security issue

Alamogordo Daily News SUNSPOT, NM – The Sunspot Observatory is temporarily closed due to a security issue at the facility that’s located 17 miles south of Cloudcroft in the Sacramento Mountains Friday, an Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy … Continue reading

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What are atmospheric rivers?

NOAA Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere – like rivers in the sky – that transport most of the water vapor outside of the tropics. These columns of vapor move with the weather, carrying an amount … Continue reading

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Trump Says U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraq’s Oil, and ‘Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance’

Daily Intelligencer – by Margaret Hartmann While addressing the CIA on Saturday, President Donald Trump took a break from lambasting the media to remind everyone that he thinks the U.S. should have stolen Iraq’s oil. He also suggested that the U.S. might … Continue reading

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The Logical Song by Roger Hodgson

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Nestle Says Requirement to Report Use of Slave Labor Would Cost Consumers More Money

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist While the Free Thought Project often reports on the megacorp Nestle and their rampant abuse and exploitation of drinking water supplies across the nation, few are aware that the company has been found using slave labor. What’s … Continue reading

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Red alert: Three airliners, their passengers, and contents quarantined by CDC officials

Intellihub – by Shepard Abellas United States health officials and authorities are on high alert after three passenger aircraft have been quarantined at U.S. airports in the past two days. It all started on Wednesday when an Emirates airline pilot reported to … Continue reading

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Amazon orders 20,000 vans for new delivery program

Seattle Times Amazon has ordered 20,000 Mercedes-Benz vans for use in a new package delivery service, more than four times as many as the retail and technology giant anticipated when it announced the program this summer. The vans are part … Continue reading

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Escape society or remain a slave | Joe Rogan

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Heavy artillery cannons of cannons – Simplified crafting 2018 – Integrated canals

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1 In 5 Americans Would Take On Debt To Afford The New iPhone

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Apple may be bracing to ship 20% fewer iPhones later this year after its newest models, specs of which leaked earlier this week, finally hit the market, but that doesn’t mean the cultural cache of … Continue reading

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The Doors Summer’s Almost Gone

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GM Sales Plunge 13% As August Passenger Car Sales Collapse

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden When GM surprised the market several months ago with its announcement that, unlike most other US automakers, it would stop disclosing monthly sales, some immediately saw through this as a thinly veiled confirmation that … Continue reading

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Computer predicts the end of civilisation (1973)

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China Increasing Spanish, Portuguese Language Study to Expand Latin America Influence

Breitbart – by Ben Kew China is reportedly increasing access to Spanish and Portuguese language study to better expand its footprint across Latin America, The Guardian revealed in a report Sunday. The newspaper noted that 20,000 Chinese undergraduates studied Spanish in 2016, a … Continue reading

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Is There A Plan In South Africa To Take White Farms And Kill White Farmers?

The Daily Caller – by Don Boys President Trump was not wrong about the South African land-grab, according to the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), a liberal think tank. SAIRR said that the Trump had exposed the “damage” … Continue reading

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The Slaves Rebel

TruthDig – by Chris Hedges The only way to end slavery is to stop being a slave. Hundreds of men and women in prisons in some 17 states are refusing to carry out prison labor, conducting hunger strikes or boycotting … Continue reading

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