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US Veteran Beats Down 8 Muslims After They Attack His Wife – One Put in the Hospital

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown Sometimes there is a degree of honor and bravery that is unmatched.  Such is the story of Kyle and Liana Tyrrell.  As Liana was attacked by eight Muslims who called her a “white slut” … Continue reading

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Gun Hater Propaganda Movie Bombs at Box Office

Gun Watch – by Dean Weingarten Miss Sloane was supposed to be an effective gun hater propaganda masterpiece. It should have been considering the money spent on it. The production budget for “Miss Sloane” is reported at 18 million, with … Continue reading

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New Jewish Community Center means business

This is what Trump is promoting in USA or is it Is-not-real. Fox 13 TAMPA (FOX 13) – You may have seen the old armory transformed into a new Jewish Community Center, with sparkling new facilities. It’s helping to revitalize … Continue reading

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We’re glad you’re home!

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Americans buy nearly 18,000 TONNES of ammunition in the past year in weapons boom

Sunday Express – by Will Kirby Around “2,865 tonnes of bullets” were purchased in November alone as demand for firearms skyrockets to unprecedented levels. Ammo imports in November mark a whopping 200 per cent rise compared with sales 12 months … Continue reading

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Alex Jones’ Infowars Is Ripping Off Consumers

Market Slant – by Just Another Wiseguy “The first casualty, when war comes, is truth” – Hiram Johnson I think I have been very clear in my distain for President-elect Donald Trump. I think he is an idiot who is unfit … Continue reading

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How to Keep Lying With a Straight Face: NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg at Oxford

NewsBud – by PROFESSOR FILIP KOVACEVIC In light of the recent setbacks plaguing the Atlanticist project in Europe, the most visible of which so far have been the referendum victory of the pro-Brexit forces in the U.K. and the election … Continue reading

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6 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, and it’s becoming a ‘significant concern’

Business Insider – by Matt Turner There is a lot of talk out there about the auto-loan market right now. Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos has said the auto-lending market should “scare the heck out of everybody,” while the auto-lending … Continue reading

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Open Range | Final Shootout Scene

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Mike Pence: Confront The Russian Bear, Impose A No-Fly Zone In Syria

Another Day in the Empire – by Kurt Nimmo Wait a minute. I thought Trump was the guy who would mend fences with Russia. If you can believe Camp Hillary, Trump is best buds with Vladimir Putin. He’s a sucker … Continue reading

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Power company offers rare $50K reward for information on vandalism

Deseret News – by Pat Reavy KANAB — Garkane Energy is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot one of their substations Sunday, knocking out power to nearly all of Kane and … Continue reading

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The Only Person Going to Jail For Eric Garner’s Death is the Man Who Filmed it, and He’s Getting 4 years

Free Thought Project – by Justin Gardner Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the most infamous police killing of Eric Garner – and was thereafter targeted by police in a barrage of “false and/or trumped up charges” – was sentenced … Continue reading

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Emergencies Ministry to organize all-Russian civil defence drill

EMERCOM of Russia The Emergencies Ministry of Russia is going to organize all-Russian civil defence drill since 4 October until 7 October 2016. More than 40 million people, more than 200.000 specialists of rescue and recovery units, as well as … Continue reading

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German Mayor Beaten Unconscious After Announcing Plan To Accept Refugees

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Over the past several months, the German people have become increasingly frustrated with Merkel’s “open-border” policy that has allowed over 1mm migrants to flow into the country from the Middle East and North Africa.  … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Society

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House Panel: ‘Reboot’ of US Military to Cost $1 Trillion Over Next Decade

Anti-War – by Jason Ditz With officials constantly looking for new ways to add even more spending to the Pentagon’s annual budget, all the while griping about the spending caps they never respect in the first place, the House Armed … Continue reading

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CLAIM: Historic event to occur in the next six days that will end the rise of Trump and seize the future of America for totalitarian globalists

Natural News – by Mike Adams You didn’t really think the criminal cabal of globalists was going to idly stand by and let the voters elect an anti-establishment candidate, did you? According to the latest insider buzz I’m hearing, a … Continue reading

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I’m spiking the guns here on Sipsey Street Irregulars

Sipsey Street Irregulars A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core.  After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars.  Effective … Continue reading

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Dallas has a stray dog problem — about 9,000 of them. And some killed a woman

LA Times – by Marissa Gerber A deep growl came from the other side of Shaniqua Roland’s front door. She was pregnant at the time and headed to a doctor’s appointment, but she knew she couldn’t leave the house. Not with the dogs … Continue reading

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Stations Prep For National EAS Test

TV Technology – by Susan Ashworth SAN FRANCISCO—If ever the broadcast industry was poised and ready for a test, it seems to be this one. On Sept. 28 at 2:20 pm EDT, EAS broadcast participants will participate in a nationwide … Continue reading

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