Breitbart – by Hannah Bleau

Former President Barack Obama released a statement Thursday marking the anniversary of the January 6 protest, lamenting that a “sizable portion of voters” agree with the claims that he believes fueled the protest; he also warned that “our democracy is at greater risk today than it was back then.”

“One year ago, a violent attack on our Capitol made it clear just how fragile the American experiment in democracy really is,” Obama began.  Continue reading “Barack Obama: ‘Our Democracy Is at Greater Risk Today than It Was’ on January 6”

Breitbart – by Trent Baker

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sounded off on the Democrats’ push to pass President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

Gingrich said Democrats are trying to pay off their allies because they see a “tsunami” coming in the form of polling.  Continue reading “Gingrich on Build Back Better: Dems Trying to Pay Off Allies Because They See a ‘Tsunami’ Coming” – by Sam Jacobs

In our previous data study on the initial effects of the pandenmic on our business, we outlined increased sales due to the public’s growing leeriness of COVID-19, starting from February 23, 2020 when the news coverage became ominous.

That’s only part of the story, however, because over the last 18 months, we’ve experienced a particularly charged election year, BLM protests amid calls to “defund the police,” a contentious transfer of power, and most recently a surprise ban on popular Russian ammo. Continue reading “Data Study: 18 Months of Ammo Sales during a Pandemic, Protests, and the Biden Presidency”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

On Monday, just hours after the Pfizer vaccine was granted FDA approval, the Pentagon announced that it was set to require vaccinations for all service members. Except, around one-third of US service members have refused the jab. In July, between 60% and 70% of personnel were fully vaccinated – with the Navy being the most vaccinated and the Marines being the least, according to the Washington Post. Continue reading “Pentagon Orders Military Servce Members To “Immediately” Get Covid Vaccine”

Daily Wire – by Charlotte Pence Bond

A fatal shooting took place in Georgia over a dispute regarding wearing masks in a store.

A man “was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed a cashier at the Big Bear Supermarket in DeKalb County on Monday,” as The Washington Examiner reportedContinue reading “Fatal Shooting In Georgia Over Mask-Wearing Argument”

Middle East Monitor

Israel’s longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been ousted from office by a loose coalition of rivals from across the political spectrum, united by their wish to end his 12-year run in power.

Israel’s parliament voted 60-59 in favour of a new government on Sunday, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year consecutive tenure as premier.  Continue reading “Israel: Netanyahu ousted as Prime Minister after 12 years”