9 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas for the enemy

    1. Thanks, Deb:-) I clicked the link and enjoyed the snarky correlation to the trenches and smiled inside and out a whole lot more seeing Digger’s comment below it. Merry Christmas to you, sister, and to Dan as well. Thank you!

      1. Oh Lord, I almost broke down in tears when I saw digger’s comment. Felt like I was visited by the ghost of Christmas past. I’ve watched ‘A Christmas Carol’ too much this week! Merry Christmas Martist!

          1. Hi Paul! I never had the pleasure. He was always kind to me here in posts. It’s amazing how someone you never met can impact your life. Dan had that quality. He was always cool, compassionate, and funny. I miss him dearly. I can’t believe 2 years have gone by since I made that silly post, but I still love it. Haha!

    2. Hey Deb, my daughter called and said that. It was funny! She’s a card! I’d forgotten how we joked with that in the past, and thought someone might get a kick out of it here too.
      Got a kick out of Christmas in the trenches!

      Thank you, Merry Christmas! 🙂

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