15 thoughts on “A Montana sunrise – 6:13am – 71 degrees

  1. I was actually still in Wyoming, I thought I was in Montana. I was right at the border, literally. I’m supposed to know where I’m at right? Wrong….

    All I had to do was look up at my GPS, DUH!

    This shot I actually got out of the truck and walked across the interstate, zero traffic.

    1. Mark, you bring back many good memories with that picture. I caught many a nice trout out of that lake, which is lake Desmet, just south of Sheridan Wyo, Thanx, safe travels to you.

  2. In case your wondering, second shot was unintentionally put through a google picture edit application, google did it after I updated the google photo app. It wanted to show me what it could do I guess, anyway, that’s why the sky is so blue.

    Truck was moved down the road a bit, same lake, mountains, clouds and area incase anybody is wondering .

    Google just does this shit on it’s own, really pissed me off. Yahoo and Google are joined at the hip, I use yahoo to send everything to Laura.

    I use Google cloud to store my pics, Google likes to try and edit your stuff, you have to be really careful about that. Too much control of our personal stuff.

    1. So I went ahead and posted a third pic to show you all what they did without me really authorizing it, these guys are sneaky.

  3. Dam mark that one great pictures you gave to us all . Mark those would be good for post cards . Thanks mark and be safe out there . Man I would love to ride my Harley into that sun rise

    1. I was just I.n Sturgis SD HD, its bike week, I was on the road with thousands of Harley’s. It’s going to last through the weekend, people came in from all over the country. Dangerous as hell to be s semi on the road right now. Damn Harley’s are like flies, buzzing all around you.

  4. I go to little Sturgis in ky a 125 mile ride , mark a few pics of bikes if your by there be safe out there everyone

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