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Google’s DeepMind creates an AI with ‘imagination’

Wired – by Libby Plummer Google’s DeepMind is developing an AI capable of ‘imagination’, enabling machines to see the consequences of their actions before they make them. In two new research papers, the British AI firm, which was acquired by Google in … Continue reading

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Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life’s blueprint – by  Malcolm Ritter At Jef Boeke’s lab, you can whiff an odor that seems out of place, as if they were baking bread here. But he and his colleagues are cooking up something else altogether: yeast that works … Continue reading

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Jordan releases footage of shooting of 3 U.S. troops

Daily Mail Jordan’s military released security camera footage Monday of a shooting in which a Jordanian soldier killed three U.S. military trainers at an air base in the kingdom. The video had previously been shown to the families of the … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees

KSTP 5 News A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees. Yes, you read that right. Microchip implants. “It’s the next thing that’s inevitably going to happen, and we … Continue reading

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‘I’ve seen America, it’s lousy’: Duterte vows never to visit US

RT Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has fired back at US senators who criticized abuses during his ‘war on drugs.’ While the US lawmakers opposed any possible trip by Duterte to America, the leader said he had no intention of visiting … Continue reading

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Flow of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from U.S. rises in June

Reuters TORONTO, July 21 (Reuters) – The number of asylum seekers walking across the U.S. border into Canada rose in June after dropping in the previous two months, according to government figures released on Friday. There were 884 refugee claimants … Continue reading

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Talk of removing Confederate monuments starts a war of words in Dallas

Dallas Morning News – by James Raglan Less than five miles from Dallas City Hall — in a South Dallas community that’s home to mostly black and Latino residents — rests a three-quarter-acre tract of land where at least 55 … Continue reading

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The Good the Bad the Donald Trump

Well, I’ll sit here and admit that I fell for the circus barker con at first. Chalk it up to stupidity, chalk it up to whatever the hell you want, I again, made a damn fool out of myself for … Continue reading

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Cancer-Causing Chemical TCP Plagues California Drinking Water

NBC News ARVIN, Calif. — In the Central Valley of California, hundreds of wells that provide water to a million people are tainted with a chemical that some experts say is one of the most powerful cancer-causing agents in the … Continue reading

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Old West-style land war in Colorado Rockies pits ranch widow against oil company

The Denver Post – by Kirk Mitchel PICEANCE CREEK — The frenzied cows circled recklessly in a dust cloud, desperately searching for their missing calves amid a tangled maze of sagebrush on a mountain slope. Their high-pitched wails were like … Continue reading

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Give All Americans the Same Health Care as Our Elected Officals in Washington

When you have an elected official in Washington voting himself a health care plan that surpasses anything an American National can have, then that elected official needs to be removed from office. Everyday Americans, who require health care are continuously … Continue reading

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Australian woman, 40, shot dead by police in the US after calling 911

Daily Mail An Australian woman was dressed in her pyjamas when American police gunned her down, harrowing new details surrounding her death have revealed. Justine Damond, who also uses the name Justine Ruszczyk, was at home on Saturday night when … Continue reading

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China unveils gene technology to create SUPERHUMANS with hyper-muscular test-tube dogs

Sunday Express The dogs, which are test tube bred in a lab, have twice the muscle mass of their natural counterparts and are considerably stronger and faster. The canine genome has been especially difficult to engineer and replicate – but … Continue reading

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Top 1% of households in UK fully recovered from financial crisis

The Guardian – by Larry Elliot The contrasting fortunes of rich and poor in the decade since the start of the financial crisis are starkly illustrated by a new report showing the young and those renting homes struggling while the … Continue reading

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$1M pot found in Mexican-made Fords transported through Warren to Kent YOUNGSTOWN The head of the Youngstown Federal Drug Enforcement Administration says a recent marijuana-smuggling operation with ties to Warren is the first of its kind he has seen in this area. In fact, said Bob Balzano, who runs the … Continue reading

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Lula Sentenced to Prison and Tension Mounts Again in Brazil

Bloomberg The Brazilian judge who ordered the imprisonment of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva set off a seismic event in a culture accustomed to impunity for its rich and powerful, and battered the resurgent left. Judge Sergio Moro … Continue reading

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Amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about it

Market Watch – by Tonya Garcia Fresh off its biggest Prime Day yet, the Whole Foods Market Inc. bid, and a slew of announcements including Amazon Wardrobe, Inc. was the subject of two investor calls Thursday that raised concerns … Continue reading

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Top Trump official warns special immigration status may end soon for a million people

McClatchy DC – by FRANCO ORDOÑEZ WASHINGTON  – President Donald Trump’s top immigration official warned Hispanic members of Congress Wednesday that over a million people living in the United States under a special protected status could soon be placed in line for deportation. … Continue reading

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Are Facebook and Google the New Monopolies?

Bloomberg – by David McLaughlin The rise of global technology superstars like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are creating new challenges for competition watchdogs. Along with Microsoft Corp., they are the five most valuable companies in the U.S. today, a … Continue reading

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Police allow K9 to brutally bite suspect’s arm

Daily Mail This is the unbelievable moment three police officers allowed a K9 dog to maul a man’s arm while they held him, face down, on the side of the street. The suspect arrested in San Diego, California, was left … Continue reading

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