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Ex-CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson re-tweeted anti-Semitic article

Daily Mail A former undercover CIA agent who was outed in a major scandal during the George W. Bush administration re-tweeted an anti-Semitic article on Thursday alleging a Jewish conspiracy was pushing the United States into war with Iran. Valerie Plame … Continue reading

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Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For

Bloomberg – by Caroline Winter In rural Mecosta County, Mich., sits a near-windowless facility with a footprint about the size of Buckingham Palace. It’s just one of Nestlé’s roughly 100 bottled water factories in 34 countries around the world. Inside, workers … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy fires two commanders after Asia sea accidents

Daily Mail The U.S. Navy dismissed two senior officers, an admiral and a captain, on Monday after a series of collisions involving Seventh Fleet warships in Asia, citing a loss of confidence in their ability to command. Rear Admiral Charles … Continue reading

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Hate -The New goto Word – Redefining Segregation

Let’s put everything into perspective here, right hates the left, left hates the right, one thing is for sure; it divides us. The word hate is being thrown around in a way that SEGREGATES us. If you don’t like Illegal … Continue reading

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Hepatitis-A in Southern California – Brain Eating Amoebas in Florida – Prepare

The United states is being inundated with all kinds of major issues, seems like we’re being bombarded by geo-engineered Hurricanes, tropical storms on both coasts and hepatitis -A , brain eating amoebas; God knows what else. It’s easy to become … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Maria To Bring Even More Damage to Caribbean

NBC News Tropical Storm Maria was expected to reach hurricane status on Sunday, and hurricane watches were in effect for several Caribbean islands, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Some of the islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma earlier … Continue reading

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From the Trenches World Report – A Place for the Patriotic American – An Amazing Story

Over the years FTTWR has been instrumental in giving America the right side of the truth, yes along with other patriotic sites, but with very special people running it. People who have real American national blood running through their veins, … Continue reading

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Brain-eating amoeba could infest Florida after Hurricane Irma

Daily Mail Natural disasters such as hurricanes leave behind warm water that can be riddled with diseases and infections for people left to deal with the aftermath of the storm. One of these infections could be brain-eating amoebas that are … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma wiped out Barbuda, US ambassador reveals

Daily Mail The devastation caused by Hurricane Irma has left a Caribbean island uninhabited by civilisation ‘for the first time in 300 years’. All of Barbuda’s 1,800 residents have been evacuated and more than 95 per cent of its structures … Continue reading

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Climate Change is for Real? – They’re talking about Investigating the Deniers? Get rid of the Private jets!

Since the beginning of time the earth has cooled and warmed. It’s part of the deal while living on this planet, whether the warming or cooling is being pushed faster into the next phase is a matter of which side … Continue reading

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Canada now investigates ‘climate denial’

Toronto Sun – by Lorrie Goldstein It’s like something out of George Orwell’s 1984. Canada’s Competition Bureau, an arm’s length agency funded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to the tune of almost $50 million annually, investigated three organizations accused … Continue reading

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How Much Control does Zuckerberg Really have over Facebook? – Commiebook?

It’s been said that Facebook has been used as a medium for Russian hackers to run roughshod over the largest social medium site in history, controlling and instigating immigration rallies, political rallies, American elections and whatever else Putin and his … Continue reading

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Hillary Continues to Cry – Won’t Let it Go

When most people take a hard loss, whether it be a professional athlete, a huge stock loss, a losing poker hand or whatever, you get over it and move on, take your loss and shut your yap, you don’t continue … Continue reading

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Hands On with the TSA’s New ‘Enhanced’ Pat-Down Procedure

The Weekly Standard – by John McCormick Earlier this year, the LA Times reported: “TSA quietly launches new ‘enhanced’ pat-down procedure.” The Times noted that TSA would not describe precisely how the new procedure is different from the old one: “TSA officials declined to … Continue reading

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While Hurricanes Batter The South, The West Is On Fire

Huffington Post While the South drowns amid a succession of unprecedented and record-shatteringhurricanes, the West is burning.  Some 172 fires are burning across the region, 78 of which the National Interagency Fire Center considers “large” incidents of greater than 100 forested acres or 300 grassland acres.

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Establishment’s Mega Wealthy Protect Themselves – Extend flood Insurance to Protect their Mansions

Donald Trump makes sure he and his mega rich cronies are protected by the taxpayer, full risk flood insurance given by the federal Government.  Trump’s Mar-a- logo resort will get carte blanche treatment, financed by you and me. This policy … Continue reading

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Epic Reporting by the MSM – Is it Driving you Crazy Yet?

It’s like watching “Gone with the Wind” riveting and exhausting at the same time! These hurricanes drive home all kinds of big cash, especially ratings for the MSM circus barkers. I’m as guilty as any of us, I can’t turn … Continue reading

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“We allowed standards to drop”: U.S. Navy admits

Daily Mail A senior US Navy officer told a congressional oversight panel Thursday that the hectic pace of military operations and a constrained military budget don’t excuse two warship accidents in the Pacific region that killed 17 American sailors. The … Continue reading

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The rise of the billion dollar disaster: How Harvey and Irma could be just the start of a rise in major economic events

Daily Mail No sooner had Hurricane Harvey’s record rains receded from Houston and neighboring cities than the residents of Florida began bracing for a wallop from an even more powerful storm. And hurricane season hasn’t even peaked yet. This begs … Continue reading

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Elderly Americans have it Twice as Bad – Too Much too Soon – The Culling Begins

It’s a subject I particularly don’t like to talk about, but we must understand that our older population is at a huge risk, they either don’t want to leave the dangers because of all the hassles, they’re just to weak, … Continue reading

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