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Correction: Israel-Jewish Nation Bill story

Yahoo News JERUSALEM (AP) — In a story July 16 about a contentious legislation that would define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, The Associated Press incorrectly referred to the coastal city of Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink the Water: DC Warns Thousands of Contamination Risk

NBC News If you live in D.C., you may have to boil your water. DC Water is advising tens of thousands of residents and businesses in a major portion of the city not to drink or cook with tap water without … Continue reading

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Survival of the richest: The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind

CNBC  Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee I had ever been offered … Continue reading

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World oil supply risks being ‘stretched to limit’: IEA

France 24 PARIS (AFP) – Rising global oil supply, driven by crude giants Saudi Arabia and Russia, may come under pressure as key producers face disruptions, the International Energy Agency said Thursday. The IEA welcomed in its July report last month’s agreement … Continue reading

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A look at next-gen tech in the cab of Continental’s Innovation Truck

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Continental developing advanced mapping tech that could underpin autonomous trucks

Overdrive Previewing technologies that it says lay the foundation for autonomous trucks, Continental last week offered a peak into the world of its research and development efforts around next-gen truck tech. The German-based tire and component supplier provided a two-day preview in … Continue reading

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Phoenix trucking impacted by nationwide trucker shortage

Fox 10 PHOENIX – The American Trucking Association says trucks moved more than 70% of all freight shipped throughout the United States and generated 719 billion dollars in revenue last year. The association also says that 51,000 more drivers are needed … Continue reading

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Haiti between anarchy, normalcy after deadly fuel-price violence

Yahoo News Port-au-Prince (AFP) – Scenes of anarchy alternated with tentative signs of a return to normal life in Haiti’s capital, with calls for a general strike Monday after two days of deadly looting and arson triggered by a quickly-aborted … Continue reading

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Why you might want to wrap your car key fob in foil

USA Today DETROIT – Given that the best way to store your car keys at night is by putting them in a coffee can, what’s an ex-FBI agent’s advice to protect cars from theft during the day? Wrap car fobs in aluminum foil. “Although … Continue reading

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Driver involved in fatal crash while over hours limits shut down by FMCSA

Overdrive The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued an effective shutdown order to a New Mexico-licensed driver who was involved in a fatal crash earlier this year. Investigators say Evaristo S. Mora, who was served with the federal order … Continue reading

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Border Patrol agents keying in on human smuggling involving tractor-trailers

Overdrive U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents have thwarted 42 smuggling attempts involving tractor-trailers at the Mexican border in the last two months, rescuing 406 people from trailers with rising temperatures, according to a recent press release from the agency. … Continue reading

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Facebook co-founder: Tax the rich at 50% to give $500-a-month free cash and fix income inequality

CNBC Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes thinks the government should give cash handouts to people with the lowest incomes in order to fight income inequality. And he thinks the money should come from higher taxes on wealthy individuals and even big … Continue reading

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Polish Official: “We Will Not Receive Even One Muslim” in Poland

The New American – by Selwyn Duke A sea change is occurring in Europe — and the continent may never be the same again. Whereas just some years ago immigrationism would not be questioned, the ice is now beyond broken: European … Continue reading

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A Sad #TOLDYA : As Political Violence Escalates, Might I Recommend Reviewing….

Barnhardt I’ve known decisively for over a decade now that hot Civil War in the former U.S. is inevitable.  And, as I have said for over a decade, a second U.S. Civil War will probably result in Red Chinese boots … Continue reading

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‘Guys like that don’t get wiped out in a day.’ Why the mob still holds sway at the port. – by Ted Sherman The Huck Finn on Morris Avenue in Union is an unremarkable, typical Jersey diner, where the usual three-egg omelets and burgers share the menu with Greek salads, tuna sandwiches and, of course, meatloaf. But it … Continue reading

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A record number of folks age 85 and older are working. Here’s what they’re doing.

LMT Online – by Andrew Van Dam, The Washington Post Seventy may be the new sixty, eighty may be the new seventy, but 85 is still pretty old to work in America. Yet, in some ways, it is the era of … Continue reading

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Antifa training film

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Forth of July my way, the only way.

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Lakeville, Mn. – Why is the flag at half mast?

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Can You Spot The Problem Here?

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