A “Robin Hood Mentality” Emerges On The Streets Of America As Gangs Of Thieves Start To Prey Upon The Rich

Economic Collapse – by Michael Snyder

In the old days, we used to enjoy movies in which Robin Hood would “take from the rich and give to the poor”.  But in the real world things are not supposed to work that way.  In a civilized society, property rights are supposed to be respected.  Unfortunately, the truth is that the U.S. is becoming less civilized with each passing day.  At this point, a “Robin Hood mentality” is starting to emerge all over America.  Highly organized gangs of thieves are specifically searching for wealthy targets, and those targets are often being followed all the way home before being attacked.  I suppose that thieves must think that it makes a great deal of sense to target the wealthy, because robbing the rich is certainly a lot more lucrative than robbing the poor.

In Los Angeles, the police are openly admitting that over a dozen gangs are specifically targeting individuals that appear to have a lot of money…

More than a dozen Los Angeles gangs are targeting some of the city’s wealthiest residents in a new and aggressive manner, sending out crews in multiple cars to find, follow and rob people driving high-end vehicles or wearing expensive jewelry, according to police.

In many cases, they’re making off with designer handbags, diamond-studded watches and other items worth tens of thousands of dollars — if not more — and then peddling them to black-market buyers who are willing to turn a blind eye to the underlying violence, police said.

In recent years, it has become trendy to show off your wealth publicly, but I think that is going to change.

In our new environment, donning very expensive gear simply makes you a target.

According to Captain Jonathan Tippet, at least 17 gangs in Los Angeles are now conducting these sorts of attacks

According to Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who spearheads the task force, police have identified at least 17 gangs, most based out of South L.A. and operating independently, that are involved. There were 165 such robberies in 2021 and 56 so far this year, he said, including several over the weekend.

Once upon a time, criminals would approach and politely ask you to hand over your belongings.

Needless to say, those days are long gone.  In fact, these gangs often physically attack their wealthy victims without even saying a word

“There’s no chance or opportunity for these victims even to comply. They’re just running up to people and attacking them, whether that’s putting a gun in their face or punching them and beating on them,” Tippet said. “Pistol whipping them as well.”

In some cases, police determined that gang members inside high-end venues served as “spotters” for those outside, Tippet said, alerting them when wealthy targets were heading out.

Sadly, the pace of these attacks appears to be accelerating.

According to authorities, there have been five more just within the last 48 hours, including one in which a woman was run into “by a Dodge muscle car”

An LA woman was filmed being mown down by a Dodge muscle car so muggers could steal her watch as the city’s terrifying follow-home robberies soar.

The video from Monday, one of five such robberies that occurred over just 48 hours, shows the unidentified victim fleeing the muggers silver Dodge Challenger after they smashed her car window when she stopped at a light in Downtown LA.

There was a time when most violent crime was confined to the poorest parts of Los Angeles and those that lived in the wealthiest neighborhoods generally felt quite safe.

But now everything has changed.  Today, the largest increases in violent crime are happening in the wealthiest zip codes

The zip codes showing the largest increases are home to film and pop stars, including Beverly Hills, of “90210” fame, where Beyonce and Jay-Z have their West Coast house; Bel Air, of “Fresh Prince” Will Smith fame, where Jennifer Lopez now resides; and Los Feliz, where Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom share a house and where Angelina Jolie has resided since her divorce from Brad Pitt.

And in nearby Santa Monica, the Postal Service has actually suspended service because mail carriers were being attacked so often…

The United States Postal Service suspended service in a Santa Monica neighborhood after reports of repeated attacks on mail carriers.

In a notice posted at apartment mail boxes in the 1300 block of 14th Street, the USPS informed residents that service to the neighborhood is suspended. The letter cited several assaults and threats against mail carriers by an individual.

A state of complete and utter chaos reigns on the streets of the largest cities of California, but of course there is plenty of violence elsewhere too.

On Tuesday, a mass shooting on a subway train in New York City made headlines all over the world

At least 29 people were wounded on Tuesday after a gunman wearing a gas mask set off smoke grenades and opened fire inside a rush-hour subway train in Brooklyn, authorities said.

62-year-old Frank James regularly posted hate-filled videos on YouTube, and this shooting was obviously an attempt to draw a lot more attention to himself and to his hate-filled beliefs.

And it turns out that the FBI already knew all about him

It has now emerged that he was known to the FBI and was questioned in 2019 in New Mexico though it is not yet clear why.

He was cleared but was entered into the state’s ‘Guardian Lead’ system.

The Guardian Program is the bureau’s terrorist threat and suspicious incident tracking system.

James had been repeatedly arrested over the years, and this is yet another example that shows the foolishness of putting violent criminals back on the streets.

Of course if we tried to lock up all of the violent criminals our prisons would be packed beyond capacity very rapidly.  Violence is on the rise everywhere you look, and what we are witnessing right now is only just the beginning.

In New York City, the new mayor was supposed to crack down on crime, but instead crime rates just keep going up.  In fact, the number of subway crimes in March 2022 was 55 percent higher than in March 2021.

But we shouldn’t just pick on New York City.  Other major cities are seeing similar spikes in violent crime.

So if things are this bad already, what will things look like in this country when economic conditions get really, really bad?

You might want to think about that.

And if you have lots of money, you might want to think about ways that you can look “poorer”, because those that appear to be wealthy will be preyed upon more than ever in the days ahead.

Economic Collapse

26 thoughts on “A “Robin Hood Mentality” Emerges On The Streets Of America As Gangs Of Thieves Start To Prey Upon The Rich

  1. “How do you think I got sooo rich?”

    Probably by manipulating the system you created and on the backs of every American national?

    Am I to feel pity for the 1%, mikey?

    Am I supposed to want to protect the peddlers of hollyweird depravity and weimar decadence?

    Not gonna happen. Eat them for all I care.

    1. Hey brother, it looks like the animals are starting to venture out of the jungle.
      When these rich f-kers drive poor people from their jobs and homes, and put them under freeway passes, using computers and telephones, they are admired as successful capitalists.
      To all you rich mother f-kers I say, “Welcome to the jungle.”
      Take a good hard look because it’s just going to get worse every day and the majority will cheer it on. You know, us useless eaters are going to destroy you unlawful commie fascist technocrat jew ass licking treasonous bastards and enforce the supreme superior absolute unalienable ratified by we the people law of December 15, 1791.
      Try to tell you stupid f-ks, men can make money but money cannot make men. Better get you a gun and prepare to defend your self-righteous treasonous asses and the land you created by removing the law that would protect the individual sovereign from the mammon collectives.

      1. Right the f**k on, Henry! They’ve lived soft while robbing US and pushing for our destruction. Time to man up and pay the piper and WE are calling the tune.

      2. “Welcome to the Jungle” eh Henry? Reminds me of a Guns and Roses song, and yes, your whole resonates with me. Men make money but money does not make men–love it and so true! As I said below, people get what they deserve, and the affluenza crowd will get what they deserve, either on Earth or “in the other place” (referring to some Twilight Zone episode).

  2. How many of you own a home, a car, truck or anything here in the USA? Guess what that would make you to most people not in the western world, a 1%er. They would look at any of you, with your mild comforts as luxurious lavish elitists. And no amount of explanation or blaming capitalism will change their minds. This is the nature of most people, to be jealous and greedy for what they don’t have and so to hate people who do. The peace and serenity of the country and suburbs could hardly be considered “the jungle” in today’s world. Take a stroll into the inner cities and see what I mean. No one has to feel bad for the “evil,greedy capitalists”. But no one has to live with them either or in any society built by capitalism. The same societies targeted by the wealth and private property hating marxists. Who also think they have right or a share to what others have earned and rail about how it’s unjust to be wealthy or aspire for it. Birds of a feather. Advocating or at the very least indifference to the collapse of civilization of our nation and in the same breath talking about rights of our nationals, is a dangerous level of hypocrisy. I remember someone saying we should exploit the resources of our nation for every national and we would all be as “RICH” as Saudi princes. Well wouldn’t that make us capitalists looking to be rich? Mammon some would say? And wouldn’t that make us an elite group with so much more than the have not of the world?

    1. There is lawful earning and there is unlawful earning (unjust or dishonest EXPLOITATION). There’s that word again. And there is the right to claim what is one’s own. When things are set right in one’s own home, one can and usually will consider helping one’s neighbors.


      1. What is lawful earning? Many here have always said the government has no right to make Marijuana “illegal” because people use it voluntarily and it’s no one’s business to stop them. I agree. Now, government says it’s ok. So what is lawful? Who decides that? You? Do you make the decision for 2 parties in a voluntary exchange? Based on what? Your idea of what should or shouldn’t be? What is your own other than what you work for, purchase or bargain for or by inheritance? A resource in the ground of your neighbor does not belong to us all. Isn’t this exactly what the socialist edict is? Against my better judgment I made a comment here, but I don’t wish to continue with this.

          1. Show me exactly which part of the bill of rights denounces capitalism, show me the “legality” of your court deciding my voluntary exchange. Stop using the bill of rights to mask everything you want to impose

          1. If that one hypothetical man hypothetically bought, fair and square and mutually and voluntarily from anyone who sold their property then yes. Most people’s problem with capitalism is that it gives people what THEY want rather than what others THINK they should want.

          2. Jamal, if you can’t see the absurdity of this, of one man owning the entire country, I hardly know what to say. That anyone would be in such a position to own the whole country is proof in itself that unjust exploitation is in play. Could it be that you are fixated on proving a point but are actually missing the point? I mean the point is to protect liberty based on integrity, and The Common Law courts are the best method we have to do just that. Otherwise it’s either chaos or being a subject to FALSE and UNLAWFUL AUTHORITY. Why would you toss away something that’s colorblind and protects what’s given at birth?


    2. “How many of you own a home, a car, truck or anything here in the USA?”
      Not a f-king one of us owns anything, as under that unlawful 14th Amendment we are subjects. We are owned along with everything we produce by the unlawful corporate aristocracy claiming ownership of our persons through the strawman corporations created upon our birth.
      I’ve read all your comments on this thread and you don’t have f-king clue of what you are talking about.
      Frauds were committed in 1869, 1871, and 1878, in gross violation of our people’s written ratified by we the people unalienable law. Everything that has happened since that has happened under the authority of a fraud. It is called the poisoned fruit of the poisoned tree.
      You capitalists are not practicing free enterprise using a debt free currency. You are committing usury, that is mammon creating mammon without producing anything. I don’t give a f-k what enterprise you are involved in, it is a f-king fraud because all the contracts and agreements fall under the fraudulent unlawful administrative jurisdiction, and to defend that is goddamn treason by definition of the English language.
      You’ve chosen your side of the fence I see, and there you will stay. If at the end of this war you are still alive, your own words, coupled with your knowledge of the truth will convict you of treason and sedition for your participation in what you know is a fraud.
      You are no different than the rest of them. You are a mammon worshiping traitor to your people and to our law.
      I’ll tell you how your capitalism violates our supreme superior absolute ratified by the people unalienable law, and that is by operating in an administrative admiralty jurisdiction on our land which is absolutely forbidden by the 9th Article as that jurisdiction was created in violation of the 9th Article as a fraud that pretends the jurisdictional authority to trump the Bill of Rights et.al. That’s how.
      Now you can keep your capitalist ass off this site and when the time comes, don’t worry, everybody here knows what you are and that you know better.
      Enjoy your mammon while you can, buddy, because in a battle in a common law court, you are going to find yourself completely unarmed, and for wanton treason and sedition, well that is a capital offence.
      Have a nice dollar, I mean day.

      1. Exactly…especially when you own PROPERTY (not land, property!) you must pay “property taxes” based on some arbitrary “assessed value” of what you “own.” To get allodial title (which we tried to do back in the mid-90s) you must own LAND! NOT PROPERTY, but LAND! Only the filthy rich like the Rothschilds own LAND, or the Brit Royal Family (which owns huge amounts of the UK, duchies like Cornwall where half the population is poor and is the poorest county in England). Vehicles? You don’t “own” the vehicle if you have to “register” it every year along with “safety inspection” (and with the “Texas Two-step,” you must get both done the same month or else pay penalty). Own a home? Again, property tax, and in HOAs, maintenance fees as well! So are we half-way to the “own nothing and be happy” scenario of what? I won’t even get into owning “money”… we know what a bankster scam that is!

  3. So Galen, a mutual and voluntary exchange is injustice? When one of those people feel they’ve been wronged, then they can take that up in court. Who are you to decide? Sounds a little authoritarian. That’s what I’ve got.

    1. You’ve got the false idea that it’s about me. I claim no sole ownership of justice. That’s why The Bill of Rights is there.


      1. First of all I completely see the absurdity in that one man owning the entire nation which is why I said hypothetical, because it is a hypothetical absurd question. No one could possibly buy every person’s private property to complete ownership of the nation. Private property being a key component of capitalism. And I didn’t make it about you Galen, you did by trying to use the bill of rights with your interpretation to prove your point against capitalism. You can not show me where it’s against it or as some people say “doesn’t allow for it”. I am proving a point, a point that some believe they’re all about the bill of rights, but really just want the right to dictate what should be rather than what individuals want.

        1. You would have to bring your argument to The Common Law court. It ain’t about “isms,” be it capitalism, fascism, or any other. It’s about each INDIVIDUAL interaction and how it falls under our Supreme Law. As for “private property,” did any early homesteaders ANYWHERE question their right to live somewhere? I think they were just thinking of living and not about capitalism. Sure these are different times, but the right to live somewhere and call it your own is as natural as wanting water when you’re thirsty. And as we progress with setting things rights, we may just see a return to homesteading. I may be overly optimistic, but, we just may. Jamal, you’re still here.



    2. What court do we bring this argument up in? Maybe we get one of the Jewish elected judges to make that determination. Or we get 12 random ass people and let them decide on a case by case basis.

      1. Didn’t we mention common law courts so many times? Why wouldn’t that be the place to bring it up? Or are you trying to demonize by using the jew courts that have put government interference in our affairs?which is anti laissez-faire.

        1. Just making sure. Capitalism doesn’t look out for the rights of our progeny. Instead of asking people if they are capitalists. Ask them if they are ok with one guy owning it all. I bet you the answer is different. You can’t say capitalism doesn’t create that.

    3. But I thought you “didn’t wish to continue with this.” But for some reason you still are. If you stay here, you will meet up with The Bill of Rights and The Common Law every single time. Haven’t you had enough?


  4. So did a Robin Hood mentality cause whoever to kill some (possibly) Talmudic Jewish woman in Forest Hills (see article on this on this site)? When the rich (whom I have had vitrually no sympathy for since I was a child) realize the ramifications of their greed–esp. those who never worked a minute for their wealth, the “affluenza types”–and their “entitlement” and their total arrogance regarding us “little people” through the truth of Karma, let me know… And, oh yeah, “donating” and “lobbying” to buy politicians and wokesters like BLM-Antifa and becoming wannbe-Goerge Soros’s won’t work either. I tell folks this all the time–you get what you deserve. And that is the way it works! God is in control!

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