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This from actor James Woods: “Only way Democrats will survive…”

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7 Responses to This from actor James Woods: “Only way Democrats will survive…”

  1. Cynicles says:

    The US is on her last leg. Their plan is working quite well.

  2. Katie says:

    Woods ,you are a retarded idiot for not knowing it is our Bill of Rights at stake here, NOT Detards or Retards.

    These idiots need to stick strictly to acting, opening their mouths ONLY to recite their movie lines!

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Apparently he doesn’t even go to the movies, Katie, or he would have known THIS much, at least…

      “There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.”

      Or… being a HAVE, he doesn’t give a rat’s @ss.

  3. James Woods is the smartest guy in Hollywood and a conservative. That fact makes him an anomaly when considering most in Hollywood are left leaning communists.

    As to the point bolstering the Democratic voter rolls, anyone with a brain realizes that’s the strategy behind their madness. If the Democrats thought the dreamers and others here would be voting Republican they(Democrats) would be clamoring for the wall.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “James Woods is the smartest guy in Hollywood and a conservative.”


      He’s just another commie jewb#tch pushing that false left-right paradigm.

      Unless you’re saying he’s smart by NOT telling the TRUTH.

      Yeah, THAT could get him killed.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      “James Woods is the smartest guy in Hollywood”
      So, what you are saying is that he is mildly retarded as opposed to full blown, drool running down the chin, retarded.
      This whole DACA thing is a f#@king act and the treasonous Republicans wants this recolonization force here just as bad as the Demofreaks, as it is slave labor to replace our people, which the aristocracy, which is the so called Democrats and so called Republicans, both want. They are pumping this third world sewage in here out of these shithole countries because they will live in shitholes, which is what they intend to turn this country into, a shithole with a ruling oligarchy.

  4. Martist says:

    What’s a “voter”?

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