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Aquatic Affection: How a Scuba Diver Found a Good Friend Under the Sea

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Cockatoo Loves Elvis

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It’s the first day of Summer

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Incredible Moment: Elephants Work Together to Save a Calf From Drowning

Soren Dreier It is an incredible moment. We must remember that events like these happens in the Wild every day. So, we don’t think that these so called beasts have the skills? Maybe we need to get rid of the … Continue reading

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Never Again

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Wolf Age – The Attack On The Confederacy

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Watch This and You’ll Notice Something Weird! (2017-2018)

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What Facebook is doing to your brain is kind of shocking. Wow.

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Welcome to the Happy World of Everlasting Deceit

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The Voice 2017 Chris Blue and Usher – Finale: “Everybody Hurts”

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They took down Robert E. Lee today :(

Whilst liberals want to pull down Confederate monuments they are all too happy to retain monuments of Marxist mass murderers – funny that! — Mark Collett (@MarkACollett) May 19, 2017

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C.W. McCall – Hobo’s Lullaby

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The Motive

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Former UN Adviser Defends Female Genital Mutilation as ‘Gender-Egalitarian Surgery’

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Many blessings on FullMoonDay

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Artist hides giants in the wilds of Copenhagen, luring seekers into nature

TreeHugger – by Melissa Breyer Part treasure hunt, part real-life Pokémon Go, the hidden giants (which are made entirely of scrap wood) can be found by treasure map or riddle poems. Danish artist Thomas Dambo is like a folk-art Michelangelo … Continue reading

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Hello Hijab: Mom Hopes to Create a Better World for Daughter

Daily Good – by Carol Kuruvilla, Huffington Post It hasn’t been easy for Safaa Bokhari to practice her faith as a Muslim woman in America. The mom, who lives in Oakland, Pennsylvania, said she’s been verbally harassed for wearing a … Continue reading

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DML visits Dearborn, Michigan 2016

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May Day! May Day!

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Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA

Daily Caller – by Peter Hasson The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation’s most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations. The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any … Continue reading

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