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Be sure to vote – Ha!

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China To Acquire Management Control over Israel’s Strategic Port of Haifa?

Global Research – by Andrew Korybko China will soon operate the Israeli port of Haifa if everything goes according to plan. Haaretz reported on a conference late last month in Israel where the former navy chief of staff and chairman of … Continue reading

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The Cajun Navy: Heroes Or Hindrances In Hurricanes?

NPR During hurricanes like Florence, many people find themselves trapped and needing rescue. Sometimes volunteers step in to help — but emergency managers say some may be creating problems of their own. This week while visiting eastern North Carolina, President Trump thanked the first … Continue reading

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The fall equinox is Saturday: 8 things to know about the first day of autumn

Vox The autumnal equinox is upon us: On Saturday, September 22, both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience an equal amount of daylight. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of fall, with daylight … Continue reading

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The Outrageous Plan To Haul Icebergs To Africa

BBC News If towing icebergs to hot, water-stressed regions sounds totally crazy to you, then consider this: the volume of water that breaks off Antarctica as icebergs each year is greater than the total global consumption of freshwater. And that … Continue reading

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Student editor who retweeted article pointing out that that ‘women don’t have penises’ is fired from university journal

Madness Hub A student editor at a top university has been fired in a transphobia row after he tweeted that ‘women don’t have penises’. Angelos Sofocleous, assistant editor at Durham University’s philosophy journal ‘Critique’, was sacked from his post after just three … Continue reading

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Life Insurance Company Will Add Fitness Tracking Data to ALL Policies Next Year

Activist Post – by Nicholas West One of America’s oldest insurance companies, John Hancock, has its eyes set firmly on the future. With the arrival of Big Data and the now never-ending stream of information that is available to data … Continue reading

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Amid Renewed Saudi Offensive, 5.2 Million Children in Yemen Now Face Starvation

Mint Press News – by Whitney Webb HODEIDA, YEMEN — The “world’s worst humanitarian crisis” is now more dire than ever according to a new report from the U.K.-based charity Save the Children, which warns that 5.2 million children now face starvation in … Continue reading

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Trump official wants students prosecuted for Israel protests

The Electronic Intifada The Trump administration’s top civil rights enforcer at the US Department of Education wanted students who did nothing but hold a noisy protest in support of Palestinian rights to be criminally prosecuted. Kenneth Marcus was captured on camera … Continue reading

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To lighten the mood…

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Know More News LIVE w/ Infowars’ Owen Shroyer

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Brave granny fights off armed hijackers aim guns at her head & RAMS their vehicle in SOUTH AFRICA

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Yom Kippur Gives Jews Permission to Deceive

Henry Makow – by Michael Hoffman Yom Kippur begins Tuesday evening, September 18, wherein the western world will watch in awe as “pious Jews” allegedly “beg God for forgiveness” while supposedly “striving for righteousness.” No doubt that the Pope of Rome … Continue reading

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Before Food Trucks, Americans Ate ‘Night Lunch’ From Beautiful Wagons

Atlas Obscura – by Anne Ewbank IN 1893, BOSTON WAS BUSTLING, especially after the sun went down. “Night owls of all classes” roamed the streets, wrote the Boston Daily Globe, including “workers, idlers, pleasure seekers, spendthrifts, tramps and bums.” At some point, all … Continue reading

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How They Do It– ‘Family Is A Jewish Value. Don’t Let The Mistakes Of A Few Rob Us Of That Gift’

The Ugly Truth ed note–the ‘mistakes’ of a ‘few’ Jews… 1. Abraham, a ‘family man’, sells his wife Sarah into a life of sexual slavery for his own enrichment, is caught and is kicked out of Egypt. Before entering Gerar, … Continue reading

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World’s five most expensive precious metals

RT If you think gold or silver are the most expensive metals in the world because we call them “precious,” you are wrong. Here’s a list of five most valuable metals. 

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U.S. Conference Of Mayors Will Sue FCC If They Eliminate Local Control Over 5G Small Cell Tower And Infrastructure Installation

Activist Post – by BN Frank According to pro-industry publication, Smart Cities Dive: The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) said in a statement that it would sue the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if the commission does not change a proposed policy that would … Continue reading

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The Arabic Legend of the White Bull

Once upon a time three bulls lived in the forest. One white, one brown and one black. They were brothers and lived together in harmony. In that forest also lived a tiger who had his eye on the bulls. But … Continue reading

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