6 thoughts on “Adversity

  1. “I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”
    — Nietzsche


  2. If this is true, then every single scion of the elites–who NEVER have to prove themselves at anything–and Talmudic Jews–who believe they are better than God (so says Talmudic ‘sages’) and thus never have to prove themselves (and besides, the Kol Nidre says they can make a vow and never keep it…in other words, they are pathological liars, and they just “know” they never have to prove anything…”Chosenites” indeed)–are the most unhappy people on earth.

    Let’s make them even more unhappy by sic-ing the Bill of Rights (plus the Word of Christ) on them!

  3. That is half true because there comes a point where it goes from “proving yourself” to “the straw that broke the camels back.”

      1. If you want adversity till you drop dead from exhaustion or stress be my guest but I am not here to “suffer to exist” like the jews promote.

        1. I don’t think the quote refers to on-going and perpetual adversity, but rather suggests that when it does appear it brings with it opportunity to bring out the best in a person, maybe even something he or she was not even aware of being capable of. In my own life I have seen where extremely challenging situations almost forced me to get a grip, or to “grow up,” so to speak, surviving things I thought I would have to run from. But those challenges are a smaller percentage of the picture, say 20%.

          As far as the ZOG challenge/struggle/stress: It is something I share with the entire planet. At least The Bill of Rights shines the promise of this extreme “adversity” being one day overcome. Tough as it is, I see many strengthening and rising to the challenge, finding parts of themselves that wake to honor and courage. That seems the plus-side of what adversity can do.

          Ha!, says a little voice inside my head: “This is Nietzsche and Seneca” playing with us.” Perhaps a reminder to me to dig deeper. I don’t mind a little dissecting of philosophy, and like Socrates, own that there is much I do not know, and human error ever looms. But still, we try to make sense.



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