Air Force Dismantling HAARP Due to “Other Ways of Managing the Ionosphere”

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The controversial High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is scheduled to be dismantled this summer after more than 20 years since its creation in 1993. The Anchorage Daily News reports that the $300 million HAARP could be taken over by the University of Alaska, which jointly funded the program along with the Air Force, the Navy, and the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), but hasn’t yet volunteered to cover the $5 million a year operation costs.  

During a recent Senate hearing, Dr. David Walker, the deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology, and engineering, explained the lack of need for HAARP stating, “we’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do, was to inject energy into the ionosphere, be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”

The ADN article states that comments like those made by Walker, “have given rise to endless conspiracy theories,” and that, “scientists say all of that is nonsense,” but the truth is that, because of government secrecy, most people would not know about HAARP at all, if not through so called “conspiracy theories.”

Here we have this high profile admission that HAARP’s goal is to control the upper atmosphere and that there are better ways of doing it now, which alone seems to be a fairly provocative disclosure, but you can expect that there will be virtually no one explaining it any further or following it up. So, left in vacuum of official secrecy, anyone else who independently takes a stab at explaining, theorizing, questioning, or even wondering about what controlling the atmosphere might entail, will be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

While there are no doubt theories about HAARP that are untrue, the label of “conspiracy theorist” is mainly used as a public relations style attempt to manage and maintain control of information. Meanwhile, independent researchers and journalists will continue to analyze information and present questions, as they fill the gap left by the controlled media, and explore the efforts by the government to manipulate the atmosphere.

4 thoughts on “Air Force Dismantling HAARP Due to “Other Ways of Managing the Ionosphere”

  1. Yeah, I suppose it’s time to shutdown ‘HAARP’… since they’ve developed mobile units that do the same thing(s). If they do indeed shutter this one, it is a clear sign that they have replaced it with something that they think is better.

    1. I think the most likely explaination is that a multinational corporation paid corrupt government officials for the HAARP facility and will keep using it. Corporations and board members of multinationals are a big part of the shadow government. Time after time, the USG has used taxpayer money to pay for research and devolopment of outrageously expensive projects and then after a period of years…they are sold off to the private sector. The internet was moved into the public sphere from DARPA in a similar manner.

  2. HORSESH#T!!!

    The last facilities built in Antarctica just went online last summer. They are FAR from being obsolete ALREADY.

    Not buying this B.S. for a minute! Disinfo.

  3. I don’t believe what they’re telling us. But if they’ve found another way of managing the ionosphere, you can bet it will be more efficient, more destructive than this one. They never go backwards in their technology … ever.
    . . .

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