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Published on Sep 9, 2013 by Joe Alchemist

All The Gold You Can Eat is a groundbreaking independent documentary that sets out to explore and unravel one of history’s greatest enigmas: the mysterious and secretive art of transforming base metal into gold.

This breathtaking and exquisitely shot film is an alchemical road movie that traverses the USA in its quest to unlock the legendary Philosophers Stone, fabled for curing all ailments, granting spiritual enlightenment, and making gold.

What is most extraordinary about the characters within the film, and their remarkable claims regarding an exotic substance called ORMUS, is that against all expectations, they might be right.

Sent to us by one of the makers of the documentary.

2 thoughts on “All The Gold You Can Eat Trailer

  1. Utter non-sense, and as I expected, nothing that resembles any kind of scientific explanation is ever mentioned in the video. I guess we can expect a whole army of charlatans, wizards, and cult-leaders to crawl out of the woodwork just in time to take advantage of people’s desperation (and stupidity).

    Please THINK for one lousy minute. If this alchemy produces real gold, and is thousands of years old, would gold cost $1,400 per ounce, or would it be as prevalent as steel? We’d have gold wire bringing the electricity into our homes because it’s a better conductor than copper.

    1. Hi Roger,

      It’s a very tricky subject to make a film about and I always expected resistance to the idea but I think it’s worth considering that not everything in the established scientific paradigm is as clear cut as we think and not every left field story has a hidden agenda. I spent four years making this film because it it took me that long to get what I considered to be strong enough evidence to validate the expense of producing a documentary.

      In some ways you are right though, there isn’t that much hard science in the traditional sense but that is largely due to the fact that the substances this film is about, what have been called ormus elements, don’t seem to fit neatly into any know analytical systems. But also I admit that I am not a scientist and the film does not pretend to give any absolute answers as to what is actually going on. It’s really about reporting on the anomalous behaviours some of the interviewees have seen when they have worked with these materials. As was clearly mentioned in the film, the ability to ‘make gold’ it interesting not because it offers any economic benefit to those that attempt it but because it points to the fact that maybe our current understanding of the system of atomic classification may have flaws in it.

      To be clear, there is no way anyone is going to make money or make pure gold electric cabling to sell at WallMart from the methods discussed in the film. We may be talking about a 2000 fold increase in gold content but that is still only parts per billion at this stage. However, just for one minute consider the possibility that I what I witnessed was a scientifically valid event, in other words a procedure that can be repeated to yield the same results, and for another moment consider that fact that this film is simply trying to open a discussion about that apparent anomalous reaction. Doesn’t that make you a little bit excited?

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