Amazon Prime Debuts Discount For People On Government Benefits

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WEB Notes: So they just let us know even at $5.99 they are making a profit. Which means the rest of us are being gouged an extra $5.00 a month. Think of the profit margins and if greed was not so common how much less everyone would actually have to work to afford things in life. As for this article, this appears to be the beginning of “universal basic income” on some small level. It is entitlement. You the working slave are entitled to pay your taxes so the people who do not have to work can get extra discounts for now working. You see how the “think” in the world works these days?

Customers normally pay $10.99 per month or $99 per year for Prime subscriptions, which offers free two-day shipping on many products as well as access to streaming video and music services.

Now anyone with a state-issued debit card for government benefits can get Prime for $5.99 a month.

The aim is to make “savings more accessible” to everyone, according to spokeswoman Julie Law. She adds that delivery could make life easier for customers who may not have reliable access to transportation, and that Prime gives members discounts on essentials like diapers.

Source: Amazon Prime debuts discount for people on government benefits – Jun. 6, 2017

World Events and the Bible

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    1. Good for you–and I’m sure every 3PL out there thanks you as well. Can’t think of a more horrible job than being a 3PL!

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