American Cattle Rancher warned the USDA would use this Bird Flu outbreak to start the EID Tags on cattle mandate

By Wall Street Apes

The USDA just mandated EID Tags on cattle & bison for the reason of “Disease Traceability”

Another disease that was ALL ABOUT CONTROL

“My cattle friends watched the feeder flash this morning. I warned a bunch of my friends when this bird flu bullshit come out and it is bullshit that EIDs were coming.

The USDA come down on Friday is they have said that within six months, all sexually intact cattle, I mean all cattle, all beef cattle, every kind of cattle are going to have to be mandatory ID, EID tagged.

It has to be a visible tag and electronically visible tag. And it’s gonna be on all cattle, basically all breeding cattle. So our calves and yearlings are.

Now, the only way that the USDA could implement this in six months is if they’ve already had a stockpile of tags they knew what they were doing they’ve accomplished what they were doing.

This is bullsh*t and it really sucks for this, you know the guys that don’t have facilities and just want a few head of cows in their in their backyard so we’ll see what comes out of this but I guess you boys better we better get our taggers ready because we knew it was coming”

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