Americans to be Executed after Receiving Due Process of the Dictator

obama dronesNothing could be more disturbing than finding a group of Israeli-Americans sitting around a table on a mainstream broadcast discussing our government’s authority or lack thereof to order the assassinations of American nationals.  For some reason these Zionists can find nothing wrong with the insurgent government’s assertion than an American’s rights can be arbitrarily removed at the whim of the proper authority.

We are told that we should not worry about the assumptions being made by the totalitarian authority within our government, as the experts are taking great pains to make sure no innocent Americans are put on the assassination list.  Surely the majority of our people hear these words and understand their meaning, though it is shocking to hear the subject bantered about, even in the mainstream propaganda, so casually and nonchalant. 

On the one hand we are supposed to feel that these proposed assassinations of American nationals are far and away, in other parts of the world, while at the same time these same propagandists are pushing the idea of the one world borderless society, wherein a globalist banker in Greece passes gas and an assembly line worker in America smells the odor and excuses himself via some guilt through association.

This whole discussion is of course centered on the international drone murderer’s cabal, which operates the ultimate hypocrisy.  If an Afghan soldier were to enter the United States via our open southern border and then go to a wedding wherein an American military strategist was present as a guest and then plant a bomb which afterwards explodes and kills everybody in attendance, now what would we call that Afghan soldier?  That is right, a terrorist.

Now again, on the other hand, if death is dealt via a drone under the same guise at a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan, killing innocents, it is labeled a justified preemptive act of war.

The only good I can see is that through the multiplication of the outrages being committed by Zion, more and more good people are reaching the point that they can no longer deny the muddy elephant in the living room.

We must resist the upcoming push for more war in the name of Zion.  Just be rational and ask yourself, who really are the bad guys, the people defending themselves in their sovereign country, 3000 miles across the ocean, or those traveling 3000 miles across the ocean to inflict the will of Zion through conquest?

God help us to stop the diabolical monsters acting in our name.

19 thoughts on “Americans to be Executed after Receiving Due Process of the Dictator

  1. “…though it is shocking to hear the subject bantered about, even in the mainstream propaganda…”

    Are there still people who do not understand the role of the media in our society? It’s NOT shocking; it’s to be expected of them, and if the author does find it shocking, he’s still heavily under their influence.

    It’s difficult, if not impossible to be subjected to several hours per day of anyone’s information and not be influenced by it. You can consciously know that it’s lies and propaganda, but as long as you’re ingesting an endless stream of their lies, there will always be some residual effect on what you believe to be true, and what actions of theirs you believe to be “acceptable.”

    1. I’m not shocked by anything as I have been doing this for 30 years and have seen everything.

      The point of the statement was that the talking heads in the mainstream are no longer trying to hide the true agenda of the zio-communists.

      You are quick to criticize, step lightly.

  2. Hey All, I feel like I have found My TRIBE members(research says it was the biblical tribe of DAN) The lite of truth shines on this site.When I started exposing this j-w filth back in 96-97 I felt so alone with only truth and GOD in my corner but now 15 or so yrs later it seems a GREAT AWAKENING has transpired. I Ran for office for the “reform” party (big ass waste of time) I carried a duffle bag with “ARMY OF ONE” on the side it should now read soon to be everyone.Keep shining the LITE of truth on these parasites they are scattering like cockroaches.

    1. Steve –

      Back in 96 and 97, everybody was too busy conning everybody for a quick buck. The giant banks were stealing freely from us, the hedge fund crooks were in full swing, basically printing their own money. Things were damn rosy back then. Most of us new the shit was going to hit the fan, but let it slide because of various reasons. Big mistake, I know. The wheels of corruption were well greased.

      It took somebody like Henry to snap me out of the fog and into reality. I was an idiot not to see it more clearly earlier. My family was right in the middle of all of this shit, so the blinders were well in place. It didn’t take long though after I heard my father tell all of us family members that we were going broke. Blinders came off quick after that. Then along came “News From the Trenches”.

      Light bulb moment…

      1. Hey Mark,I actually woke up in 93 was running a major garage in houston when I got my chk. over 400$ had been taken to feed the machine(bastard kids lazy people and the war machine)a week later I had put house on market loaded my stuff and my then 12 yr old son (his mother left when he was 2) and headed for the hills of where I have lived below the “poverty level” for almost 20 yrs now. I work for myself and though its not much I keep 100% of my labor, I dont pay taxes cause im not supporting the murder of innocents,JUST SAY NO TO THE TAXMAN and dont sign anything,I hunt 3 months of the yr( im pretty worthless in hunting season) if any are hungry for more truth, daily I visit “snippets and snappets,keiser report ,what really happened , and smoking mirrors which all have credible links to patriot sites. My typing skills are non existant so this is the only sites I reply on as it is painfully slow to even type this short explanation, damn glad to have found you folks and hope one day to meet yall

        1. To pay taxes is like paying the govt. to enforce unconstitional laws on every one. Good for you to be a hunter and to be a non taxpayer. also teach your son well, eh there Steve. Never give up Steve and all ways keep the faith and stand tall.

          1. Hey Digger,My son is stuck(sad story LOL) in hawaii.He gets mad at me for not flying over,but he is loving life he married a little hawaian girl and is loving life after the air force( he left as a capt.) which I have to tell you folks entails my biggest mistake in life (I thought I owed him a colledge edu. having quit school the day I turned 16)
            so he went the rotc route never dreaming the madmen would implode the tradecenters,blame it on goatherders(read OPIUM TRADE) I walked out of his grad exercise in discust not at him but at the air force general playing the “patriotism nonsense” (first refuge of cowards and scoundrols) the boy thought I was crazy for sure then he got his eyes opened by reality of iraq and afghanistan ,after moving to hawaii where he made capt. was 3rd in command at hickam he was offered early out and took it and is now fighting the gmo fight . He is a good man and was told from early on that having a conscious would not allow him to follow evil and now understands what this crazy old man was talking about.
            As far as faith is concerned I have no savings or retirement or even enough money on hand to pay my minimal bills this month but FATHER said he takes care of the birds outside my window and with faith he would take care of me and mine,so thats what I live on faith in God to take care of me so I can take care of myself,the path least taken if you will,which is the problem I see with most is simply a lack of faith in the creator.

          2. Steve Apple, to keep the faith you got to be honest and it sounds like you are one of the honest ones. Keep the faith buddy. Thumbs up to ya.

  3. The first drone strike in the United States will be their final mistake. The sheeple here honestly don’t care what happens overseas, thousands of miles away, but when when it happens right here at home, that’s a whole new ballgame.

    1. A drone controler might just be board or maybe just be haveing a bad day and he might just be pissed about something off the wall and decide to take someone out and then to cover his butt he will say that it was a honest mistake `cause there was some kind of malfunction with the drones electronics. Then everything will be back to normal and just fine and dandy again.

      1. If we honestly let things get to that point, then we honestly have to wonder if we ever wanted our Republic restored under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        1. It is bound to happen Sunfire. They would call it human error or electrical malfunction, something like that – they will have some kind of name for their screw ups when they get caught.

          1. Exactly, Digs. It won’t just happen and be proudly aired on TV as a great thing. It will be aired as a mistake or a technicality and the sheeple will slowly accept their lies as the foreign government continues to make the same “mistakes” and “technicalities” as they did before, knowing the sheeple will accept it. So sad.

  4. Someone with the tech know how needs to hijack a drone (college kids in Texas did it) and dump a missile on the White House.

  5. What I can’t figure out is these clowns that pop up every now and again, who try to ‘educate’ us about how wrong we all are about the Zionists in Israhell not being the main perpetrators behind the NWO. Saw another one on a previous article today. They keep attempting to convince us that the Jesuits and the Vatican are the driving force in charge.

    Can’t decide if they’re just idiots, or trolls, or both.

    1. Hey #1 I guess its a matter of perspective back in 2001 they were as thick as ticks on a coon dog in july ,now days it seems they are merely weeds popping up here and there they used to swarm with distractions and wild angry accusation and then the magical mystical get out of any argument “your an anti-semite” as you know back then “white guilt” was still pretty pervasive but the lite of truth and the reality of our world today suddenly(10 yrs ) THE WHITE RACE HAS AWAKEND to all the psyhco babble b/s and has come together as one over freedom.What I guess Im trying to say is they are all/both idiots ,trolls and minor distraction who our old friend barney fife told us how to deal with the petey’s NIP IT NIP IT IN THE BUD. just my opinion.

      1. Steve, I made a couple of extremely valid points in response to ‘Kevin’, but he seemed to be at a loss as to how to reply to them.

        Apparently he’s of the school of thought that believes if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullsh#t.

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