An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

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This is an amazing video.   I learned so much from this talk in video #1, this author gave who is an Israeli born in Palestine.  I had no idea of most of what he discloses.  This reminds me so much about the disinformation, propaganda etc, that the Zionist bankers pump here.  They are masters of deception for sure.  The reality is so much different than the image.  

I am beginning to understand the absolute danger we are in here, with all the dual Israeli citizens here who are loyal only to Israel.   If they prevail in finally taking us over and then the globe, then Palestine will be us, we will be the new cattle that Israel will begin slaughtering .   I did not really know for sure, but surmised it through other ways, such as their satanism.

He is right about the solution, because if it works in Palestine, then it would work everywhere else.  But you can take it to the bank that the Zionist khazars will never give up control without a fight and a dirty one at that.  Is Israel a legitimate state?  If it is, why do we have to send billions to shore up this state? Oh, my gosh, in Israel, even the Israeli’s do not own their land, instead the state of Israel owns ALL THE LAND IN ISRAEL.  That is what they are going to do here, its communism.

Video #2, is very much tied into this first video.  How? A terrorist attack on American soil, with propoganda, false flag evidence, disinformation etc, hid Israel’s role in the 9-11 terrorist attack.  Watch both videos and see if you can see the connection.  There are two ways we know about Israeli’s involvement in the 9-11 mass murder of Americans.  One, Vanunu exposed the truth when he was released from an Israeli Prison.

The second way was the inclusion of IMMUNITY FOR ISRAEL FOR WHAT SHE HAD DONE ON 9-11, BY CHERTOFF, A DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN AND HEAD OF OUR HOMELAND SECURITY, AND INCLUDED IT INTO THE PATRIOT ACT THAT NO CONGRESSMEN WAS ALLOWED TO READ PRIOR TO THEIR VOTE.  This that is occurring here are exactly like Russian Revolution, overthrow of German Constitutional republic, the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, and finally what they did to genocide and land grabbing in Palestine.  Its what they intend to do here.

Remember, Israel is the operation arm of the Satanic Rothschild World Order.  We will definitely experience what these Pals are experiencing and we need to face it.  Video 2 makes that point very well.  Watch both all the way through.  We have to change things in this country.

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Published on Dec 2, 2012

Miko Peled was born in Jersusalem into a well known and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. When Miko’s niece was killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, you may have expected the family’s emotions to be directed at the Palestinians, but surprisingly they blamed the state of Israel, and their brutal torturing and persecution for driving people to such despair that they would take their own lives.

Through his father’s intimate knowledge of the Israeli war of terror, coupled with his own research, Miko Peled shatters the myths surrounding the Israel and Palestine situation, and delivers a truth so damning that many Jews and Israel supporters will not be able to handle it.

He exposes facts such as the original expelled Jews are not the ones coming back, and they are not their descendants either, covers the double standards regarding the right of return, which doesn’t apply to Palestinians, and dispels the myth that there has been a conflict for ages by producing proof that it was peaceful up until 1947 when Israel launched their illegal attacks.

Miko is just one of a number of modern day Jews against Zionism and the state of Israel, and with the information he delivers in this brilliant talk, its not hard to see why more and more Jews are rejecting Zionism and calling for the dismantling of Israel.

It is a true eye-opener for anyone who has for too long been blinded by the lies and misinformation given by the mainstream media, and the facts come straight from the heartland where he has spent many years documenting the true story.

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2011 Interview of Alan Sabrosky regarding the tragic events of 9/11.
Video the U.S. Mainstream Media WON’T SHOW YOU.

“What we need to stand up and say is not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it’s headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.” –

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, March 14, 2010


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  1. Appreciate the post. I’ll be watching both the videos, and sending to some folks that need to know the truth.

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