Another cry for censorship

3 thoughts on “Another cry for censorship

    1. Damn straight!!

      I put this issue right up there at the top. Urgent and crucial, because they are creating what someone called “Forever Adolescents.” Just the kind of hybrid humans they need, humans who won’t fight them.

      Well, there are now so many reports of not only trans regret but trans suicides, I doubt they’ll be able to continue this particular form of genocide much longer. When you’re lookin’ at death, you can’t hide that it’s dead.



  1. what pisses me off about all this is.. even by their “law” one has to be 18 to enter into contract.. isn’t surgery a contract? all this shit they’re doing with minors violates their own policies.. I would ask how is this even possible but I guess Henry says it every frikin day.. THERE IS NO LAW!!

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