18 thoughts on “Anyone care to break this down? Maybe it’s out of context? I don’t know!

  1. Without darkness none could know light……….worship derives from lack of understanding……

    Would need to read full text.

  2. Wouldn’t light just pass right through a holy one?
    And if good comes from evil, chocolate comes from where?
    Jewbberish is what eye like to call the verbal diarrhea which spews from that tribe.

  3. It means in the circle of life one thing must die before another can live. It is the theory that construction can only be accomplished through destruction. When a plant or animal dies, it gives birth to new life. It is their mantra for destroying everything that is good so that evil can be built upon the decaying remains.

  4. The “Zohar” is a Jewish religious / mysticism book (or books) I think it’s part of their “Kaballah” — more religious mysticism.

    The quote itself is reminiscent of some ying & yang – type philosophy that insists good cannot exist without evil, because they’re relative. Much as you can’t appreciate summer without enduring winter.

    But it’s probably used to promote Satan worship in those they need to perform evil deeds. Judaism can justify any evil by claiming it’s for a greater good.

  5. So, the Zohar–which is just as evil as the Talmud and the rest of the Kabbalah–is basically saying that God, Who created everything (including evil, sayeth Isaiah 45:7), is evil, and that which He created–Satan, their “Holy One”–is good! Because it sounds like the Zohar is saying, “out of evil, good.”

  6. Jesus Christ already burned your as*ses, you rejectors. You couldn’t keep him in the grave, he was raised from among the dead, the only man thus far, & you’ll never be able to stop him from coming again. You can’t stand that there is actually a man more worthy & honourable than you’ll ever dream to be. All you can do is speak in psycho babble riddles. Turn from your wicked ways.

  7. The war is here folks
    And we are all woefully unprepared
    Unprepared in many ways
    Faith , heart, and the balls to kill it where it stands when we see it
    It’s gonna be hell and so dam many of us are not ready for it

  8. The inversion philosophy of Sabbatai Zevi. The messiah will come only when the world has wholly embraced the laws of god OR if it has wholly rejected it. Since mankind is considered flawed and weak, it easier to reject gods word and and revel in sin in order to unify the world and usher in the age of the messiah. Judaism’s psychopathic world view.

  9. damn people!? it’s a frikin Adam Sandler movie! ”Don’t mess with the Zohar!” y’all over thinking it!

    1. FAIL!!!

      That Satanic TRASH didn’t originate with any MOVIE… it was around LONG before they were even dreamed of.

      singular proper noun: Zohar

      the chief text of the Jewish Kabbalah, presented as an allegorical or mystical interpretation of the Pentateuch.

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