Are you really, really ready for a hurricane? A flood? An earthquake?

Before It’s News

Climate Change might be a debatable political subject, but we are getting a lot more ‘natural disasters’ than ever before.

More earthquakes in the last ten years than in the last hundred, humongous tornadoes and east coast bad weather to beat the band.   

Doesn’t matter why.


Global Conspiracy?

You are what matters.

And guess what… You’re on your own?

Not really.

You have some choices, but first understand how it all came about – banking and an ancient curse called Usury:

Briefly, lending is a no-risk, ‘asset-secured’ business, in its simplest form seeing borrowers liable only for the original loan, secured against the borrower’s assets, plus interest. When the loan is payed back, the bank profits from the interest.

When borrowers default, they yield to the lender whatever securities they’ve put up, normally far exceeding the value of the original loan.

The lender still profits.

Most public loans are mortgages, where the home itself secures the loan.

But over the 20-30 year payback period – his entire, most efficient and productive time of his life… is spent working to pay off a debt – and the home buyer often returns more than 100% interest as he pays back at least twice the amount of the original home loan.

And he can lose his home at any time, no matter how much he’s paid.

So there you have it, something called Debt Slavery:

In the simple lending business, the lender gets his money back, plus interest.

In a default situation, he gets the securities against the loan which he sells off to recover the loan and should profit if he’s correctly valued those assets.

In the mortgage market, he doubles his money.

That looks like an almost totally win-win situation for the banks and nothing but a twenty or thirty year lien on your life.

Today it’s gotten so far that depositors actually pay banks to lend them their money.

Just more cream on the cake they think they can have and eat too… forever?

No. That simple arrogance seriously begs the question, why such cheap exposure to inevitable discovery, publicity and possibly prosecution?

Because you accept “that’s just the way it is” and that acceptance has enough power to prevent questions, let alone any close examination.

“They” may own the legal system, the media, the educational system and the war machine… but the human soul?

Not yet.
Is there a solution, any solution?

Localize your economy… Start with Food Security… Get off the grid. 

Then look here – PreppersPermacultureTransition Cities and follow the links… the neurons of the Global Brain…

Tom Dennen

3 thoughts on “Are you really, really ready for a hurricane? A flood? An earthquake?

  1. I’m confused…how did this article go from natural disasters to the banking industry? Kinda misleading, don’t you think?

  2. I’m just as confused NC. I’m trying to figure out how banking causes EQ’s.Maybe I should have went to collage.

    1. Hahaha! I know it. This article makes ZERO sense.

      Going from Earthquakes to usury is like going from blizzards in Antarctica to eating peanuts in the park. What the hell?

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