Assad advisor: With political will, Syrian crisis over in 2 weeks

RT News

There’s a chance of ending the Syrian crisis in two weeks if there’s political will on all sides, according to Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media advisor to the Syrian president.

If these parties have the political will to put an end to the Syrian suffering, to the Syrian crisis, they can do it within weeks. They can only stop the financing the arming [of Syrian rebels] the smuggling of terrorists across the border from Turkey , and 50 percent of the Syrian crisis would be ended in two weeks’ time,”  Dr. Shaaban said in an exclusive interview to RT.  

She said that the Syrian government is ready to take part in Geneva-2 peace talks without any preconditions. President Bashar Assad’s government is ready to sit down for peace talks with “people who represent the political opposition” of the Syrian population, not the armed rebel groups, Dr. Shaaban said.

For example, the coalition represented by Saudi Arabia “has nothing to do with the Syrian people,” she noted.

“We would like to know, ‘Who do these people represent on the ground?’ Do they represent the [al-] Nusra Front or Al Qaeda? They do not represent the Syrian people.”

Although many groups on the ground have refused to be part of the Syrian opposition’s national coalition, the main political parties are calling for Assad to step down as a precondition for the talks.

The Geneva-2 peace conference, which was to be held at the end of November, has been rescheduled for December, a source told Itar-Tass news agency after a closed-door UN conference in Geneva on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Assad advisor: With political will, Syrian crisis over in 2 weeks

  1. BUT . . . they won’t. There is something there “they” want, and we the people may never know what that is.
    . . .

    1. Cathleen, there is one thing that Syria has more of than most of the other Middle Eastern countries, that ‘they’ want very badly.


  2. “For example, the coalition represented by Saudi Arabia “has nothing to do with the Syrian people,” she noted.”

    Damn straight it doesn’t. Zionist trash.

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