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End of world? British scientists challenge UN global warming predictions

RT Climate change predictions making alarming claims on Earth’s future have been challenged by a new study. Suggestions the planet’s surface will warm by 5° Celsius by 2100 are not realistic, according to a team of scientists. Frightening climate change … Continue reading

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Democrat’s upset in Wisconsin race sparks hope elsewhere MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A small-town medical examiner has given Democrats across the country another shot of hope heading into the fall election by upsetting a Republican legislator in a conservative Wisconsin state Senate district. Patty Schachtner’s victory Tuesday … Continue reading

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Texas ‘Tourniquet Killer’ set to be 1st US execution in 2018 HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A man who became known as Houston’s “Tourniquet Killer” because of his signature murder technique on four female victims more than two decades ago is set to become the nation’s first prisoner executed in 2018. … Continue reading

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From plagiarism to fake news, US mainstream media has lost the plot

RT With just six gargantuan companies controlling the US media landscape, it is incumbent upon these institutions to provide a high level of journalistic ethics and standards. It appears they are failing dramatically on both scores. A bit like imperial … Continue reading

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FEMA: Hawaii didn’t need approval to retract missile alert HONOLULU (AP) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the state of Hawaii didn’t need federal approval to retract a cellphone alert mistakenly sent over the weekend warning of a ballistic missile attack. Hawaii has had the authority to … Continue reading

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US industrial production rose 0.9 percent in December WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve says U.S. industrial production rose 0.9 percent in December, pulled higher by a surge in utility output, another sign of health for the American economy. Utility production shot up 5.6 percent last month, … Continue reading

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‘Cocaine cowboys’ smuggler convicted in auto fraud case MIAMI (AP) — A pilot who once smuggled tons of drugs for Colombian cartels during Miami’s “cocaine cowboys” era in the 1980s was convicted Wednesday of playing a key role in an auto fraud ring that stole at least … Continue reading

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‘I’m not a racist’: Trump says he’s willing to make immigration deal, but Democrats killing it

RT US President Donald Trump has denied being “racist” in the wake of a scandal and wide condemnation triggered by his alleged reference to Haiti and African nations as “s***holes” amid attempts to reach a deal on immigrant children. “I’m … Continue reading

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Trump cancels UK visit… so much for the ‘special relationship’

RT Hardly anyone will buy President Donald Trump’s explanation for his abruptly canceled visit to London next month. The real reason, no doubt, was to avoid embarrassing scenes of mass street protests marring his official welcome. Whatever has become of … Continue reading

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Kennedy targets gun violence in Illinois governor campaign CHICAGO (AP) — Few people running for public office have been more personally affected by gun violence than Chris Kennedy, who was a child when his father and uncle, Sen. Robert Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy, were assassinated. … Continue reading

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Poverty, past linked to Native Americans focus on MLK Day ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Anti-poverty activists in Albuquerque and a groundbreaking Cherokee Nation declaration about the tribe’s role in promoting equality after years of fighting to exclude descendants of slaves from its rolls are part of the focus of … Continue reading

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Ecuador has granted citizenship to Julian Assange, says Foreign Ministry

RT The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry says it has granted citizenship to Julian Assange. The reaction of the ministry comes one day after Quito reportedly issued an ID card to the WikiLeaks editor. The passport could provide Assange’s first step to … Continue reading

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Some fans of Trump and pot feel allegiances go up in smoke PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The Trump administration’s anti-marijuana move has some members of the president’s voting base fuming. Fans of President Donald Trump who use marijuana say Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move to tighten federal oversight of the drug … Continue reading

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Missouri Gov. Greitens acknowledges affair, denies blackmail JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has acknowledged being “unfaithful” in his marriage but denies allegations that he blackmailed a woman to stay quiet, following a bombshell news report that overshadowed his annual address to the … Continue reading

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Pakistani father of slain girl blames police for slow action LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — The father of an 8-year-old Pakistani girl whose rape and killing shocked the nation accused the police on Thursday of being slow to respond when his daughter went missing in eastern Punjab province. The father, … Continue reading

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Sputnik news agency’s US provider forced to register as foreign agent

RT A US-based news producer, which provides content for Russian news agency Sputnik, is being forced to register as a foreign agent, as the US apparently continues to single-out Russian news outlets as a threat to America. The company, called … Continue reading

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Richest man in history: Amazon’s Bezos earns more in 5 days than most could in 5 lifetimes

RT Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has become the wealthiest person in history and the first to outrank Microsoft’s Bill Gates on the rich list, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Gates was the only one to have made 13-figure fortune. … Continue reading

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Judges: North Carolina must redo map skewed by partisanship RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Federal judges ruled Tuesday that North Carolina’s congressional district map drawn by legislative Republicans is illegally gerrymandered because of excessive partisanship that gave the GOP a rock-solid advantage for most seats and must quickly be … Continue reading

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Oil hits highest level since 2015 as Russian-Saudi output cuts bring result

RT Brent crude has surpassed $68 per barrel for the first time since May 2015. Oil prices have been buoyed by information that joint production cuts between Russia and Saudi Arabia-led OPEC are working. The European benchmark Brent touched $68.29 … Continue reading

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Male infertility among many side effects linked to ibuprofen – study

RT Men who dream of starting a family may want to pass on the ibuprofen the next time they have a headache. A new study says the well-known painkiller could cause fertility issues in males. The study, published this week in the … Continue reading

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